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This raw selenite slab is perfect for meditating as it has the ability to absorb negative energy from the mind, helping us to be more focused and relaxed. Charka symbols have been printed on the raw selenite slab. The crystal has a white transparent colour to it, this listing is for 1 raw selenite slab. Each of these slabs is made by hand and might look slightly different from one another. This crystal will bring good energy into your home.

Some people will place this raw selenite slab in their bedroom as it is believed it helps us fall asleep. If you have anxiety or stress and are struggling to fall asleep, you can meditate while holding the crystal. The crystal will absorb any negative energy from within making our minds more relaxed and resulting in falling asleep easier. Some believe that the presence of selenite in the bedroom can reduce the chances of getting a nightmare. Ancient Egyptians used to carve beautiful sculptures and jewellery out of crystal as they believed it would deflect negative energy. They would also keep the crystal by the front door to stop spirits from entering their home.

This raw selenite slab is the perfect way to display your healing crystals. This slab has the ability to charge and cleanse other healing crystals. This raw selenite slab with healing crystals placed on it would make a beautiful feature in any home.


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 Colour  White, transparent
Dimensions Roughly 20 cm 
Material Pure selenite

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