Tree of life selenite coaster

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This Tree of life selenite coaster is perfect for charging healing crystals. You can simply leave the crystal on the selenite coaster for 24 hours to fully charge the crystal. All of our selenite crystals are made of the best quality selenite crystals. This beautiful coaster has an imprint of a golden tree of life, this coaster would make a stunning gift to someone who practices meditation or yoga. Each of these coasters is handmade and looks stunning, it would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home.

The crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy, this is because of its high vibration. People will place these crystals all over their homes as it is believed that the crystal draws in negative energy. Extra care is required while handling the crystal, as it is fragile and can easily break. We make sure that all of our parcels are well-packed to avoid any damage. Make sure that you store the crystal somewhere safe and secure. Do not expose the crystal for long durations in water, long durations in water can cause the crystal to dissolve away.

This tree of life selenite coaster is perfect for meditation, you can meditate with the crystal as it helps get rid of any negative energy from within. It helps relax and clear the mind of any negative thoughts. The crystal can also help us connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. 



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 Colour  White, gold
Dimensions Roughly 8 cm 
Material Pure selenite

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