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This moon dish selenite plate is the perfect plate for storing your healing crystals, many people will have these dish plates by their bedside with their favorite crystal stones on display.  Many people who practice meditation will have these selenite dish plates in their meditation rooms, as it helps them be more focused and relaxed. It also helps them connect themselves to their crown chakra which is very useful if they are trying to connect to the spirit world.

Each selenite moon dish plate is crafted by hand, and each one will be a one-of-a-kind plate. The selenite itself has come and been crafted in Morocco. This is quite a small plate roughly 12cm in diameter, this listing is for one plate only and the stones do not come with the plate.

Ancient greeks named selenite after their goddess of the moon sele, they believed that selenite possessed magical powers of cleansing trapped energy and providing protection from negative energy. They made a similar selenite moon dish plate as an ornamental feature in their homes. They also made lucky charms and jewelry. Selenite itself is made of very soft material extra care is required when handling the crystal.

It is pretty amazing to think that this crystal was made millions of years ago from the evaporation of salt. Having selenite in your home would be the center of attention and a conversation starter when you have guests around.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 12cm 
Material Pure selenite


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