Large selenite slab for charging crystals

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This large selenite slab for charging crystals would look stunning in any home, it will provide character and calmness to any home. The slab is crafted by hand by local workers in morocco, as each selenite is one of a kind it might slightly look different from the ones in the photo. The use of selenite goes all the way back to Egyptian times when they used the crystal to decorate their home and it believed that it would protect them from evil spirits. 

Many people who practice meditation will have selenite in their presence during their practices. It helps people connect to their crown and higher chakras which helps them connect them to the spirit world. This large selenite slab for charging crystals would be the perfect gift for a crystal healer, it is the perfect way for displaying their healing crystals. People that often use their healing crystals negative energy can get trapped within, selenite is used for cleaning and charging healing crystals.

It is believed that Selenite has the biggest vibration in the world and is considered the most powerful crystal. It is made from the evaporation of salt from millions of years ago. Even though the crystal is one of the most powerful crystals in the world it is very fragile and water can cause damage to it. Extra care is required when handling the fragile crystal.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 20cm 
Material Pure selenite

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