Raw pure selenite

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These raw pure selenite looks magical they have a beautiful glow once exposed to natural sunlight. These raw crystals are often used to cleanse negative energy. The high vibration from the crystal has the ability to cleanse and charge negative energy from our bodies, mind, or a place. These crystals might be beneficial for someone who might just come out of a toxic relationship as the crystal can help take out negative toxic energy that might still be trapped inside the mind and body. The crystal can also be beneficial for charging and cleansing other healing crystals.

Others will use the crystal to cleanse their home of negative energy, they will simply leave the crystal in each room. This method could be beneficial if there has been a lot of pain or arguing in the home and these raw pure selenite crystals can be used to draw out any negative energy. This tradition of using selenite to cleanse our homes goes all the way back to Egyptian times.

Some will sleep with this raw pure selenite under their beds as they believe that the crystal offers protection while they are sleeping. Some believe that these crystals reduce the chance of getting nightmares and help with a better night's sleep. The crystal could also be beneficial if you struggle to fall asleep due to anxiety or stress. Meditating with the crystal before bedtime can take out any negative thoughts or energy from the mind making the mind feel more relaxed.


Selenite crystal is fragile to post we make sure that all of our packages are well packed to make sure that the crystal arrives undamaged. We offer fast shipping with dispatch within one working day and the courier takes around 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 6 cm
Material Pure selenite

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