Raw selenite luster

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The raw selenite luster are a natural formation of the crystal, each piece is one of a kind and might not look exactly as the same as in the photo. We offer fast shipping on all orders, as selenite is a fragile crystal we make sure that all packages are well packed to make sure that the crystal arrives safely at its destination. This listing is for one selenite luster, it is white and transparent in colour. People who practice meditation often use this selenite luster to help cleanse their minds of negative energy. The crystal is often used during meditation to help connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is the source of our creativity and imagination. While the crown chakra is where we connect to the other realms, some might connect with their guardian angels or with the lord divine. While others might have a better understanding of the universe or have a more of a deeper connection to the natural world.

Extra care is required while handling this selenite luster the crystal is made from the crystallization of salt and it falls into the gypsum crystal family. It is made from the continuous evaporation of salt water. Once all of the salt water has been evaporated these beautiful crystals are left behind. The crystal has a magical otherworldly feel to the crystal.


Selenite crystal is fragile to post we make sure that all of our packages are well packed to make sure that the crystal arrives undamaged. We offer fast shipping with dispatch within one working day and the courier takes around 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 15 cm
Material Pure selenite


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