How to cleanse selenite

How to cleanse selenite

You have decided to purchase a beautiful selenite crystal, It comes carefully packed in the post and you are ready for meditation or some deep cleansing. Before you use the crystal you should definitely cleanse and charge your beautiful selenite crystal. These crystals have traveled long distances to reach your hands and who knows what sort of negative energy it might have picked along the way. The crystal probably would have moved and rattled in the package. The crystal probably has gone through many hands from mining the crystal in Morrocco all the way to the delivery guy that delivered it to your home. 

If you don't charge and cleanse your selenite on arrival the crystal might be ineffective in.

  • Realising¬†negative energy from within your body. Which is one of the main reasons someone might purchase this beautiful crystal.
  • It will not cleanse and charge other healing stones.
  • It will not offer protection from negative energy.
  • Not¬†effective during meditation that helps¬†connect to the crown chakra.¬†
  • Will not cleanse your home of negative energy.
  • Not effective in keeping negative energy at bay.

These are a few of the many reasons why someone would use their selenite crystal and might be a waste of time if you don't charge your crystal. 

Charging and cleansing your selenite

There are a few methods that can be used to charge and cleanse your crystal. The favorite method is to leave the crystal with nature. The good energy from nature will help cleanse and charge the crystal, Be sure to leave it exposed to natural sunlight as it can also help charge the crystal. How do you choose the right spot? We would recommend that you find somewhere that you feel good energy somewhere that makes you feel good. Just imagine somewhere you would be able to do a meditation with peace and tranquillity. This place could be in the garden, forest, or your local park. Once you have chosen your spot you will need to leave it there for roughly 24 hours. 

Some of us might be living in big cities where we might not have a garden or nature close by to charge our crystal. No need to worry you can actually charge and cleanse your crystal using smoke, we would recommend that you do this with a smudge stick. A smudge stick is usually dried rosemary wrapped in a piece of string which you can burn. Simply burn the smudge stick to release the smoke and pass the selenite through the smoke do this a good few times. You can also burn the smudge stick and simply leave the crystal next to it for a few hours, for a deeper cleansing. 

Charging and cleansing using lights

The simplest way of charging and cleansing your selenite is with sunlight. You can leave it by your window sill for 24 hours to charge the crystal. Please note that it needs to be left in direct sunlight to be properly charged and cleansed. Therefore we would recommend that you leave the crystal outdoors in direct sunlight. If you decide to go by this method be sure not to leave it in heavy rain, the crystal is very soft and will dissolve or get damaged if exposed to long water over a long period of time. No need to worry little water is fine. 

You can actually cleanse and charge your crystal under direct moonlight, it is done by the same method as sunlight just make sure it is on a dry surface when left outdoors. It is probably the nicest way of charging and cleansing your crystal, as the crystal is named after the goddess of the moon. 

When to charge and cleanse

 When you 1st receive the crystal you should most definitely recharge and cleanse the crystal. If you have been using the selenite to cleanse and charge other healing crystals, overusing selenite can cause it to deplete its energy or negative energy can get trapped within. 

If you are a crystal healer and you have been using the crystal to release trapped energy. You should charge once a month if you have been using it regularly. It good practice to constantly charge and cleanse your crystals.