How to cleanse other crystals with selenite

How to cleanse other crystals with selenite

Using selenite for cleansing is one of the main reasons someone would purchase this stunning crystal. It is considered the most powerful crystal of them all because it has a very high vibration. Crystal healers will often use selenite to cleanse and recharge other healing stones. This crystal is often placed in the centreof their healing crystals collection.   

Not only selenite can cleanse and charge other healing stones it also cleanses and cleans any trapped or negative energy that might exist within our body, Crystal healers will often refer to selenite as the most powerful crystal of them all. 

This crystal is crafted by hand for many different types of sculptures, each one might have a slightly different method of use. If you just purchased a selenite crystal it is considered a good idea to cleanse the healing crystal before using. You can read more here about how to cleanse your crystal.

Using a selenite charging bowl for cleansing

A selenite cleansing bowl is a bowl crafted from pure selenite, They are often handmade and they look stunning. The bowl makes it a very convenient way of recharging and cleansing your healing crystals, simply place your healing inside the bowl, for a duration of 24 hours. 


Many people will often have these bowls in their bedrooms, as it is believed that selenite offers protection from negative energy. It is important to remember that overusing selenite can affect its powers. You should regularly cleanse the crystal with either smoke or sunlight. 

Using a selenite charging plate

Using a selenite plate is a very popular method of cleansing and recharging your healing crystals. It is also a beautiful way of showcasing your healing crystal collection. To recharge and cleanse your crystals simply place the crystals on the plate and leave for 24 hours. 

There are many different styles and sizes of selenite charging plates. If you have a large healing crystal or a large collection it might be a good idea to use an extra-large selenite plate. If you would like only want to charge and cleanse one crystal at a time a smaller charging disk plate would be sufficient enough.

Overusing a selenite charging plate will also be required to cleanse and recharge, you can do this with smoke a smudge stick is often used, charged under direct sunlight, or recharged under moonlight.  


Using a selenite tower

At the loveselenite our best-selling selenite product is our selenite towers, each one is stunningly handmade and would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home. These towers are a popular option among the crystal healers community, these selenite towers will often stand tall like a beacon in the center of their healing crystal collection. These towers will constantly cleanse and charge other healing stones and often transform the feel of their collection into a sacred shrine. 

Having these selenite towers in your home can help cleanse any trapped energy within your home, it also offers protection during night-time from unwanted spirits. Many people often feel calm and peaceful in the presence of selenite as it is believed it also cleanses and recharges your mind and soul. 


Using a selenite lamp

These selenite lamps are nothing short of stunning, they will transform the feel of any home into a relaxing and peaceful environment. These lamps are something new in the crystal world and have gained popularity in recent years. These lamps can also cleanse and recharge other healing stones. Many people will have these lamps as a nightlight as the lamp itself is not too bright. Healing crystals will be placed around the lamp which means constantly recharging your healing stones. The light from the lamp will glow up your other healing crystals, it will have a magical feel to your crystals.

Many meditators will use these lamps to help cleanse their minds, for a more deeper spiritual experience. Selenite can help connect to the crown chakra which connects to the spirit world.


A selenite lamp can also cleanse negative energy from your home, simply place it in the room for 24 hours. Any negative energy that might have existed in the room should be cleansed. If you can steel feel negative energy in your living space be sure that you cleanse your selenite crystal. You can do this with smoke or sunlight. Many people will cleanse their selenite once a month.