selenite and celestite

selenite and celestite

Celestite is a mineral that is formed into beautiful blue crystals. The crystals are often collected and are very much sought after in the crystal healing world. Some believe that the crystal can help guide us in the right direction as it helps us to have a better understanding of how to deal with some issues we might have in our lives. Many crystal healers will use this crystal to help with spiritual strength. Many crystal healers will meditate while holding the crystal as it helps connect to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. This crystal is considered a powerful protection crystal.

Celestite can be found all over the world in small quantities, the colour of the crystal can vary from colorless, to brown, pink, green, red, pale yellow, and black. Selenite and celestite crystals are often formed next to each other. The crystal can also form inside geodes. The crystal is often used in fireworks and used in various metal alloys.

Even though the crystal is a powerful healing crystal it is still fragile crystal and can easily break it only has a hardness of 3.5 Mohs similar to selenite which has a hardness of 2.5 Mohs. The formation of celestite can sometimes look slightly similar to the formation of selenite or satin spar, it may have a fibrous surface. Extra care is required while handling this crystal and should be stored away somewhere safe and secure.

The blue crystal is used in the healing crystal world to help reduce fears and keep a calm and chaotic mind, it also helps the person to be more focused. The crystal is often used during meditation as it helps relax the body and the mind.  The blue crystal is often used during sleep as it helps with dreamwork and sleeping. People would simply sleep with the crystal under their pillow to increase the chance of liquid dreaming. Some will have the crystal underneath their beds or by their bedside.

Celestite birthstone is Gemini, people who are born between May 21 and June 20 would benefit from having this crystal with them as it helps with the negative traits of being a Gemini. Gemini people sometimes often don't have a sense of direction in their lives, the crystal can help cleanse the mind and help give a better focus and a better sense of direction. Gemini people tend to get anxious much more quickly, holding this stone can help reduce negative thoughts, and bring positive energy into the mind.

 Meditation with the crystals to connect to the chakras

Both of these crystals connect to the same chakra the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Selenite has the ability to enhance the power of other healing crystals and it helps the flow of energy between crystals. Using both of these crystals together makes it much more likely to connect to the crown chakra. It is pretty common to meditate with more than one healing crystal as it increases the likelihood of connecting to your chakras. 

Try and meditate somewhere you may feel relaxed or a safe place. You should try meditating on a comfortable surface such as a pillow or a yoga mat. Sit in a meditation position holding each crystal in each hand, and try and use a crystal that is not too big and comfortable to hold. Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling until the mind is relaxed, this should only take 5-10 minutes. Once the mind is clear of all thoughts allow the energy of the crystals to flow through your hands, if you struggle to let the flow of energy through your hands you should concentrate on inhaling the energy through your nose to your lungs. Once the energy of the crystals is flowing through your body concentrate on pushing the energy toward your crown chakra. 

Connecting to the crown chakra can be an overwhelming experience, people who connect feel that they connect with their guardian angels or the lord of the divine. While others feel that they are traveling through the universe, some might feel more grounded and have a more spiritual connection to nature and the earth itself. Connecting to the crown chakra can be an overwhelming experience and should be done in the presence of an expert. Each person might experience a unique experience connecting to the crown chakra. Some people say they have had a spiritual awakening connecting to their crown chakra and now they are living a more happy and fulfilled life.

It is not always possible to connect to your chakras, using both of these crystals together increases the likelihood of connecting. Both selenite and celestite are considered powerful healing crystals and should be in every crystal healer's collection.