Where to put selenite in your home and body

Where to put selenite in your home and body


If you have purchased a selenite crystal you might wonder where to place it in your home. Most people will keep their selenite crystal in their bedroom as it helps a person have a better night's sleep. Ancient traditions would keep the crystal by their front door as they believed that the powerful crystal would deflect any negative energy that might come into their homes or get rid of any negative energy that already exists within the home.


It is important to keep the crystal somewhere safe and secure as it is a very fragile crystal and can easily break. It is important to keep the selenite crystal in the room that you spend the most time in or place the crystal in the room where you are trying to extract any negative energy.


Depending on the type of selenite you have some people will sleep with selenite in their beds as it is believed that the crystal offers protection from nightmares and unwanted spirits. They would often sleep with a selenite stick or a wand under their pillow or under the blanket. It is important not to place your crystal by the window as long exposure to natural sunlight can cause damage to the crystal and cause it to fade away.


If there is a bad history in your home of aggression and bad negative energy keeping for example a selenite tower in the room will absorb the negative energy from your home. Some people will use selenite sticks to deflect any negative energy.

 Using selenite for healing on the body


Some people believe that selenite helps with the skeletal structure of the body and might wonder where on the body to use it. A crystal healer will have the person laid on their back and will often use a selenite wand or a stick and move the crystal up and down the body to let the high vibration from the crystal flow into the body.


Sometimes some people believe that they have trapped energy within the body, and often a selenite palm stone, tumble stone, or a sphere is used to extract the negative energy. They simply place the crystal where they believe the energy is trapped. Most of the time the crystal is used to unblock and cleanse our chakras.

 Where to place it while meditating?


Many people believe that meditating with selenite can help to connect to our spirit guides go into a deeper sense of meditation state and help the mind be more focused and relaxed. People will often hold the crystal such as a selenite palm stone in their hands and let the high vibration flow from the crystal through their bodies. It is the perfect crystal for removing negative energy from the mind, and it is often the go-to crystal for meditating.


Some will use the crystal to help them relax and reduce anxiety levels, people who practice yoga will also benefit from using the crystal as it promotes peace and calmness.


Having it on your body as jewelry


The simplest place to place your crystal on your body is in the form of jewelry, each of our selenite necklaces and pendants, bracelets, and earrings is handmade. Simply wearing this jewelry is believed to offer protection and help cleanse any negative energy from within the body.


Not only do they help cleanse negative energy they help with boosting confidence and people often use the crystal as a coping mechanism when times get tough.


Keeping it with your crystal collection


If you are a crystal healer collector it would be a good idea to place your selenite crystal in the center of your crystal healing collection. It is a must-have crystal for any crystal healing collector as it is believed that selenite promotes the flow of energy between different crystals. It also helps cleanse and charge other healing stones that have been over used.


A selenite tower is often used at the center of the crystal collections, it looks beautiful. They would simply surround their healing crystals around the tower.


There are many places around the house where you would place your selenite, it all depends on the purpose that you use it for.  It is a beautiful crystal and should be in everyone's homes.