Selenite crystal bracelets

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Indulge in the exquisite allure of our handmade Selenite Crystal Bracelets, each a unique masterpiece. Radiating a mesmerizing glow under natural sunlight, these bracelets aren't just accessories—they're vessels of positive energy. Handcrafted with precision, they serve as more than just adornments; they are tools to absorb and dispel negative energy from your body, surroundings, and objects.

Wearing these crystals isn't merely a fashion choice; it's a belief in inviting good luck and protection. The Selenite crystal, revered for its ability to absorb and deflect negativity, becomes a shield against life's energetic challenges.

For those immersed in meditation, our Selenite Crystal Bracelet is a sublime companion. Its cleansing properties extend beyond the physical, reaching into the realms of the mind. Negative thoughts dissipate, and a profound sense of relaxation envelops both mind and body. If you're on a journey of self-discovery through practices like yoga, this crystal could be the perfect catalyst for enhanced focus and serenity.

Meditation takes on a transformative dimension as the crystal guides us towards the crown chakra and third eye chakra. Connecting with the crown chakra opens avenues to spiritual connection and transformation. Whether it's communing with guardian angels or embracing a profound connection with the natural world, our Selenite Bracelet becomes a conduit for spiritual awakening.

This isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a thoughtful gift for those dear to you. The protective essence of the crystal becomes a gentle yet potent force, aiding in the cleansing of negative energies. It serves as a beacon of hope and renewal, especially for those emerging from toxic relationships, offering a path towards rejuvenation.

Experience the transformative power of our Selenite Crystal Bracelets—a fusion of craftsmanship, positivity, and spiritual resonance. Elevate your energy and share the gift of protection and renewal with those you cherish.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Bead size 6mm
Material Pure selenite

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