White selenite beads

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These white selenite beads are perfect for making jewellery, they are ideal for making selenite bracelets and necklaces. The size of each bead is roughly 6mm and there is around 60 bead per string. The crystal is made of the best quality selenite crystal, the surface of the crystal has been perfectly polished and smoothened making it a very comfortable crystal to wear. Extra care is required while handling the crystal as it has only got a hardness of 2.5 Mohs which means that the crystal could easily break or get scratched. These white selenite beads are essentially crystallized salt and they don't react well with water, long exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away. Going for a shower or walking in the rain will not cause the crystal to dissolve, but it might be worth taking off the crystal if you decide to go for a swim or take a bath.

These white selenite beads would make the perfect jewellery for someone who practices meditation as the crystal has the ability to cleanse the mind and body of negative energy which can help us have a deeper meditation session.

Selenite is a protection crystal and its ruling planet is the moon. The crystal was named after the goddess of the moon Selene. Many will carry the crystal on them for protection and good luck. Some will sleep with the crystal as it is believed that it reduces the chance of getting nightmares.


We aim to ship our selenite bracelet within 1 working day and the courier takes around 3 working days to deliver. We make sure that each parcel has been carefully packed to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination. 

 Colour  White
Dimensions Bead size 6mm
Material Pure selenite

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