Benefit of a selenite lamp

Benefit of a selenite lamp

These beautiful selenite lamps look stunning each one is unique and a one-of-a-kind piece. They have a soft gentle glow that will bring peace and calmness into any home. Most people will use these lamps as a night light as it not too bright and help relaxation during night time. These lamps are not normal lamps they are made of pure selenite crystal which is unique in its own right. This lamp is probably the perfect lamp for any crystal collector as it will help recharge their crystals. 

A selenite lamp is similar to a selenite tower except without the light and electrical parts. Each one is handmade and they come on a wooden stand that provides stability. These lamps can provide comfort and relaxation during night time which can help promote a better night's sleep. Many people will often have these lamps in their bedrooms as it is believed that selenite can help deter any evil spirits. It is also believed that the presence of a selenite will stop bad dreams. This selenite lamp is the perfect lamp to have by your bedside as it will be your shining beacon from any negative energy.

Using a selenite lamp during meditation

 Selenite is often used during meditation to help relax the mind and release any negative energy for a deeper spiritual meditation. It is often used to connect to the crown chakra. Many people will use a selenite palm stone or a selenite wand. Using a selenite lamp is just as effective. Using selenite is a very common practice to connect the crown chakra that helps connect to the spirit world, many people often feel complete relaxation and peace in the presence of the crystal which is almost a must-have for anyone who practices meditation.

Makes a beautiful ornamental feature

 If you decide to purchase a selenite lamp it will most definitely be the centre of attention in any home. It has a magical feel to it, many people will see why the crystal was named after the goddess of the moon. When you purchase a selenite lamp you know you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind lamp as each one is handmade. It has a natural feel and we hardly ever get any returns back for these beautiful lamps.

We believe that these lamps are a work of art every person should benefit from the beauty of these lamps. They will completely change the feel of any home to a more relaxing vibe. They are perfect nightlights for adults that have newborns as the light is not too bright for breastfeeding.

Will cleanse any negative energy in your home

One of the main reasons someone would purchase a selenite lamp is to deter any negative energy usually from within themselves and from their homes. Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals of them all and it has a high vibration. Selenite is often used to absorb negative energy. Having these selenite lamps in your home will most definitely bring good vibes into your living space.

The soft beautiful gentle glow from a selenite lamp will transform any living space into a positive one. There are many sizes to choose from. These lamps are like a warm joy into your life. 

If you have been through a lot of trauma and you use your selenite lamp on a regular basis to draw negative energy you should charge your lamp for a few hours under sunlight. People do this to get rid of any negative energy that might be trapped within the crystal.

 Transform your healing crystal collection shrine

People will often have selenite in the middle of their crystal collection as it helps cleanse and charge other healing crystals. Crystal healers will often have these selenite crystals in the center of their healing stones collection. A selenite lamp will take a crystal collection to the next level. The gentle light from the selenite lamp will glow up all of your other healing crystals into a magical shrine.

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