Black obsidian and selenite combination

Black obsidian and selenite combination

Black obsidian is a very dark black crystal, they are often polished and smoothened and is a prized crystal in the crystal healing world. Like selenite, it is a protection stone, some people will carry the crystal around in their pocket for protection. The main purpose someone would use this crystal is for grounding, healing, and protection.

Back obsidian is believed to be a stone of purity stone it helps release any blockages that might exist within our body. That might be emotional, physical, trauma, detox. Many people will use the crystal to have a deeper connection to nature. 

Black obsidian is essentially volcanic glass and you will usually find them where there has been volcanic activity. It occurs when lava comes out quickly and cools down at a very fast pace without any crystallized formation. It is a very sharp crystal and for many people, it can cut into the darkness to reveal any hidden truth or to find light.

The crystal was once used by ancient people to create arrowheads as it was a strong and sharp material. It was also used to make weapons and mirrors. The sharpest artefacts that we found of our ancestors from the past were made of black obsidian.

The crystal is a very common crystal and can be found in abundance all over the world. The crystal does not only come in black colour it can be with spots of white or brownish red within the crystal. 

Meditators will use the crystal to help them meditate and connect to their root chakra which is responsible for living in the presence. 

 Combining both crystals

Overusing black obsidian can cause the crystal to lose its powers, sometimes negative energy can get trapped within the crystal. Having selenite next to the crystal can help absorb any bad energy and recharge its powers. Simply leave both crystals next to each other overnight to fully charge the crystal.

Selenite can also enhance the powers of black obsidian if you are meditating and would like to connect to the root chakra. Sometimes it is difficult to focus during a meditation session with negative thoughts in your mind, using selenite can help clear the mind and enhance the powers of black obsidian giving it a much better chance of connecting to the root chakra.

If you use both crystals together it will have a positive effect on your mental health and physical wellbeing. They will help unblock any negative energy that might be holding you back in your life.

Combining boot crystal while sleeping

Sleeping is a time when we are most vulnerable, it is the time when the mind rests and it is of utmost importance that we can have a good night's sleep. Combining selenite and black obsidian can help deflect any negative thoughts or nightmares. Sometimes our minds wonder about the worry of life, black obsidian crystals help to bring us back to the here and now, while selenite is used to to cleanse and clear the mind of any negative thoughts.

Both crystals are considered protection stones and what better place to have them in your bedroom for protection. 

Using both crystals to reduce anxiety and stress 

All of us get stressed about the daily struggle of life but some of us cope better than others. Some people will have two of these crystals as tumbled stones in their pockets to help them reduce anxiety and stress levels. Simply place both crystals in separate hands meditate for a few minutes and let the energy flow through the crystal. The black obsidian will let you focus on the here and now and not worry about the future, selenite will help connect to the crown chakra as a reminder of the deep connection we have to the spirit and the natural world.

ÔĽŅCombining with¬†jewelry

The easiest way to reap the benefits of these crystals is to combine them with jewelry. You can purchase a necklace pendant where both crystal has been combined. This makes it much simpler to meditate with the crystal all already on you. 

Many people will combine these crystals by simply wearing them as bracelets or as earrings. Not only do you look beautiful you can practice meditation and connect and cleanse your chakras on the go.