Can selenite go in water?

Can selenite go in water?

Have you ever wondered if selenite can go in water or be exposed to water? You might have thought this if you want to clean selenite or you might be recharging the crystals outdoors and might be worried about any exposure to rainwater.

Selenite is a very soft crystal, one of the softest crystals of them all, it is so soft it can be scratched from with a fingernail. This crystal was formed millions of years ago from crystalized salt, which means that if this crystal is exposed to water it will dissolve away. 


In terms of hardness selenite on the Mohs hardness scale, sits at 2.0 which is well below for any material to survive in water it will simply dissolve away. 


People will try to use this selenite crystal in a glass of water hoping that it will cleanse the water, however, this is not recommended as it is likely that most of the selenite will dissolve away.

How long in water will selenite dissolve?

From recent studies, it has been found that selenite won't dissolve away instantly, in fact, it may take up to several hours for it to dissolve. If you are thinking of cleaning your crystal with a wet cloth it is probably ok to do so.  

If you decide to cleanse and recharge your healing crystal outdoors and worry about a little bit of rain I would not worry too much. Your crystal is not likely to dissolve away. However, leaving your selenite submerged in water for roughly 1 hour can cause the crystal to flake and may cause damage to the crystal. Cleaning selenite with a wet soft cloth should not damage the crystal, however, do not scratch the crystal. Caution is required while handling the crystal.

Is dissolved selenite toxic?

Selenite is not a toxic crystal and it is one of the safest crystals to handle. However, there might be some dangers that will come with it if the crystal flakes come off, so make sure you don't breathe any of its particles into your lungs. Be careful that you do not rub any of the crystal particles into your eyes or any sensitive area on your body.


If your cat might of liked the crystal or you might be worried about some dissolved selenite no need to worry it is safe and nontoxic. 

Keep your selenite safe in the bathroom

In some houses dampness and humidity in the air could cause damage to your crystal over time, if you can store your crystal in a dry dark place this would be beneficial for the crystal. If you decide you need a deep cleansing while having a  bath you could keep the crystal close by. The steam from the air should not dissolve the crystal, just make sure that the crystal is not submerged in water.