Do selenite lamps sweat?

Do selenite lamps sweat?

If you are thinking of purchasing a selenite lamp you might wonder about the possibility of it sweating like salt lamps. As salt lamps are made of salt they attract moisture from the air that can cause water to collect around the base of the lamp. Which is an annoying feature of dealing with the lamps. Over time the salt will be smoothened to have a flatter surface and may not look as attractive. Not to mention the stress of going out and worrying if the salt lamp is collecting water back home.

Like salt lamps, they don't react well to water. Both salt lamps and selenite lamps will dissolve if exposed for long periods to water. It will take a long time for them to fully dissolve however the crystal surface might get damaged or lose its shape. Keeping the lamps in a dry place where there is not much moisture in the air is crucial for the longevity of the crystal.

Do selenite crystal lamps sweat water?

Well yes and no it all depends where the lamp is placed in your home. Selenite is made from salt, it is a crystalized salt that was formed millions of years ago. It is all about where you place your lamp. If you live in an old damp home try not to keep the lamps close to the window you will see the lamp's sweat and water will collect around the base of the lamp. 

Do not keep the lamps in the kitchen, in the kitchen there is plenty of water vapor in the air from cooking and the use of kettle. As selenite lamps are made of crystalized salt it will attract moisture from the air in your kitchen and will cause the lamp to sweat.

Do not keep your selenite lamps in the bathroom, this room has the most moisture in the air from hot showers and hot baths. If you keep your selenite lamps here it will probably cause the most damage to the crystal. 

Where to place your selenite lamps in your home?

You should try and always place your lamps where there isn't much concentration of moisture in the air. Keeping them in dry places will prevent the lamps from sweating. Try and keep them in your bedroom they make a wonderful night light lamp as it has a soft gentle glow that will add character to any home. In the bedroom, there is less moisture in the air. It is the perfect place to place your lamp as it is believed it create protection from negative energy. People often feel much more relaxed just before bedtime when these lamps are switched on in the bedroom.

The living room would be the perfect place to place your selenite lamp, these rooms tend to be dryer, and less moisture in the air and are less likely for your selenite lamps to sweat. Many people will use these lamps in the living room to help unwind and reduce anxiety and stress levels before going to sleep.

Keeping the lamp in the hallway would also be a good option to keep your lamp. These places tend to have less moisture in the air which could be a good place for your lamp. Keeping your lamp in a dry place will reduce the chance of your selenite lamp sweating and help increase the longevity of the lamp.

You can keep your lamp anywhere in your home you might think that is suitable. If you live in a damp old home it might be worth thinking carefully about the best place to place your lamp to avoid it from sweating. If your lamp is sweating it is not the end of the world simply get a dry cloth and simply remove any moisture off the surface of the lamp.