How to care for crystal selenite

How to care for crystal selenite


Looking after your selenite crystals is important for it longevity of the crystal and to make sure that it still serves its purpose, if it is a powerful healing crystal it is used during meditation. The crystal is extremely fragile crystal and can be easily broken. Extra care is required to look after the crystal. The crystal is extremely soft and can easily break. When the crystal breaks some people will freak out and believe that it is a bad omen. The crystal is crafted into different shapes and sculptures different care is required while handling the crystal.


The crystal is fragile metaphysically and to nature's elements. For example, long exposures to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away. Long exposures to the sun can cause the crystal to turn yellow.


Looking after selenite lamps and towers


These towers and lamps look beautiful and each one is handmade. It is important that you don’t keep your towers and lamps not too close to the window. Too much exposure to natural sunlight can cause the crustal to turn yellow. Try keeping the tower in a darker part of the room out of natural sunlight to preserve the crystal as best as possible.


Do not keep your towers or lamps near the bathroom or in the kitchen. These places tend to have much higher moisture in the air which is natural. Too much moisture and exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve, over a long period of time. Also, windows in old houses tend to collect moisture.


Over time you might see dust collecting on the surface of the crystal and you might wonder how to clean and care for the crystal. You can simply clean the crystal with a soft wet cloth or even a dry cloth. Extra care is required while cleaning and caring for the crystal as it is a very fragile crystal.


Be sure to keep the tower or the lamp on a flat secure surface, the lamps are more balanced than a selenite tower. If you keep these towers or lamps on a nonsecure surface for example a wobbly kitchen table or a coffee table the chances are that they are going to get knocked over and get damaged.


How to care for selenite jewelry


If you have purchased a selenite necklace or a bracelet you should take the jewelry off before going for a bath or going into the shower. No need to worry if it has been exposed to rain. Long exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve and lose it crafted shape. Showering and bathing with selenite jerlwery won't dissolve the crystal straight away but for the longevity of the crystal, it is best to take them off before showering or bathing.


It is highly recommended that your selenite bracelets, necklace, and bracelets are taken off before going for a swim as it is highly like that long exposure can cause damage to the crystal. It will lose its shape quickly and dwindle its powers.


While not wearing the crystal make sure that you store the crystal away safely in the box that they came with.


How to care for selenite wands and sticks


Overusing these selenite wands and sticks is going to cause them to get dirty or collect dust. The best method to maintain the longevity of the crystal is to clean them with a wet cloth. It is recommended to clean your crystal once every few months, to avoid dust and dirt collecting on the crystal.


It is highly recommended that the crystal is not left too long in natural sunlight, even though it is recommended to leave your selenite in the sun for a few hours to cleanse and charge the crystal. Overexposure to sunlight can also cause your selenite wands and sticks to turn yellow. If possible to increase the longevity of your crystal store keep it in a soft silk bag in a dark secure location.


Best ways to look after your crystal


Selenite is a very fragile crystal and it can easily break, best advice is to keep your crystal away from the reach of children. Have the crystal stored in a soft cloth or silk bag for extra protection. If you have cats and dogs in the house it would be best to place your crystal stored away from their reach again in a dark cupboard.