How to cleanse tarot cards with selenite?

How to cleanse tarot cards with selenite?

Tarot cards are often used to determine the past, now, and the future and help the individual have a better understanding of their own positive outlook on life. The deck of cards is made of 78 cards, an individual will randomly choose 2 cards from the deck and the card reader will determine what they mean. Each card has its own story, the card has been used for over 500 years throughout Europe, and some people firmly believe in the readings. Whether you believe in these card readings or not they can be beneficial physiologically as they allow us to have a deeper thinking of our current circumstances and they might offer positive guidance on our current situations the past, presence, and the future.

Some people believe that a higher presence or power is responsible for handling the cards such as angels or spirits to help give guidance for the future. Nevertheless reading tarot cards is an interesting way of analysing what could happen to us or to analyse the past. Many of us will do a card reading out of curiosity.

Using crystals with tarot cards

Many card readers will use crystals to combine with tarot cards as it is believed that the power of the crystals can enhance the accuracy of card readings. Such crystals are amethyst and black obsidian. One of the best crystals to use with tarot cards is selenite as it offers protection over the readings and deflects any negative energy that might affect the readings. It also helps the person be more relaxed and dispose of any negative energy that might exist within.

To better connect with the tarot card readings people will often meditate before a tarot card reading session to reduce other factors such as negative energy from within which could change the outcome of the card reading. People would simply meditate with a selenite crystal in their hand, often a selenite wand or stick. The crystal helps unblock any blockages we have in our crown chakra, it will also help take out any negative energy from our minds and have a better connection to the universe and the natural world. Many people who meditate with the crystal will often have a clearer mind and a more positive attitude toward the tarot card reading. 

Cleansing tarot cards with selenite

 Many people who might want to use a tarot card reading might be people that carrying a burden or might have trapped negative energy within. Sometimes negative energy from a person can affect the cards. The negative energy can get trapped within the cards, the perfect way to cleanse the cards is to use selenite. The crystal can help absorb any negative energy that might exist within the cards.

If you have purchased a new deck of tarot cards it is important to cleanse the tarot cards before use. It has travelled far to reach your hands and negative energy along the way could have affected the cards.

You can simply cleanse the deck of cards by simply leaving the cards very close to the crystal. The most preferred way to do this is to leave a selenite tumbled stone at the top of the cards for 24 hours. You could also use a selenite tower, again simply leave the card in its presence for 24 hours. The crystal has a very powerful high vibration and the ability to absorb negative energy.

Wearing selenite while using 

If you want to keep the cards cleansed and deflect any negative energy that might affect the reading you could wear the selenite as a necklace, bracelet, or jewelry. The presence of the crystal will help keep the card cleansed and prevent any negative energy from getting trapped within. 

Most tarot card readers will have a protective stone around their necks to encourage a better positive outcome of the reading. Many people will use selenite as a bracelet as the crystal will always be close to the cards. It is important to always keep your selenite cleansed and charged which can be done by leaving the crystal in the sun.