How to use selenite wand

How to use selenite wand

Many people might wonder what is a selenite wand and how you use it. In this article, we will be going through 5 different methods of how to use a selenite wand. First of all a selenite wand is made from pure selenite, it is often handmade and the surface has been polished to give it a glowing effect. A wand is often used on a person to release trapped energy this could be from an injury or something deep inside. 

It is believed that Selenite is the most powerful crystal out of all of the healing stones, it can cleanse and recharge other crystals. Even though it is the most powerful it is a very soft fragile crystal in fact it is so soft it can be scratched with a fingernail, extra caution is required while handling the crystal.


Using it to release trapped energy

There are many types of selenite wands; some are used for more specific reasons than others. For example, a pointed pencil selenite wand is designed to release trapped energy from a specific area that might be small in size the pointed tip makes it easier to release the negative energy. A massage wand is used to help relax the person in a specific area, the rounded edges will be used to massage and relax the area where the negative energy might be. People will often have someone else use the selenite wand on them as it can be difficult to use it on your own affected area.

 The wand might not always release trapped energy, it might take several attempts before it can be successful. Using the wand requires patience and focus. 

Sometimes life can be difficult and trauma can knock our vibrations off its course. The wand can help rebalance your aura. You simply lay flat on your back and move the crystal up and down your body, the high vibration from the crystal can help release any trapped energy that might be affecting your aurora. 


Recharging your selenite wand

Overusing a selenite wand can dwindle its energy, no need to worry. There are many ways you can use it to recharge your crystal. You can simply leave the crystal in the sun for a few hours, if you decide to do it outdoors be careful or rain. Rain can cause damage to the crystal because selenite is a crystalized salt and does not act well with water. You can also use moonlight, it will also recharge the crystal however this might take a few hours. 

 Recharging other healing stones

Overusing other healing stones such as carnelian, quartz, and amethyst, for example, can lose their energy or even negative energy can get trapped within making them ineffective.  You can use a selenite wand to cleanse your healing crystals. Simply place your healing crystal around the selenite wand, and we recommend that you leave the crystals for around 24 hours. The high vibration from the selenite should cleanse your healing crystal.

Using during meditation 

Many people will use a selenite wand before meditation, as it promotes peace and calmness. Many people will feel more relaxed which will enhance their meditation experience. Selenite helps connect to the crown chakra, connecting to the crown chakra during a meditation can help a person connect to the spirit world.


 You simply use it during meditation by gently holding the crystal in your hand, letting your energy flow through the crystal. Many people will use this crystal before a yoga session to help them relax and be more focused. 

Using this wand during meditation can help with creative energy, people will often feel that they have more of a sense of direction after using the crystal. 

Use it to cleanse your home or keep negative energy at bay

Using a selenite wand can help deter any negative energy that might come your way. People will often use the wand after there has been a big argument in the house, simply waving it around the room for around 5 minutes. The wand should absorb the negative energy leaving your home feeling cleansed. 

Ancient people believed that these wands could deter evil spirits and they often carried selenite around with them or had them as sculptures in their homes. A selenite wand is a must-have for any crystal collector or anyone who practices meditation or yoga.

We have a range of stunning collections of selenite wands, each one is handmade. And be sure to cleanse your wand after using few times in the sun.