How to use selenite?

How to use selenite?

There are many purposes for using selenite whether it is to cleanse negative energy or a stunning ornamental feature in your home. Many people believe that this beautiful crystal has mythical powers, and it vibrates at a very high frequency. This frequency has the power to deflect negative energy. Selenite has been crafted into many shapes and forms. A selenite wand is often used to release trapped energy from within the body, this might be from an injury or trauma. Each of these selenite wands is handcrafted and will need to be cleansed before use. This can be done under direct sunlight, or left under the lights of the moon. 

A selenite tower looks stunning and would make a beautiful ornamental feature in any home. People will often place these towers in their bedrooms or in their living rooms. It is believed that the high vibrations will protect them from unwanted evil spirits, Ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed in the powers of the selenite and had these beautiful selenite towers in their home. 

Using Selenite before a meditation

People believe that selenite crystal can help connect to the crown chakra and the soul star chakra. Using this crystal can help one connect to the higher realms. People often feel a sense of peace and calmness in the presence of this crystal. Before using it for meditation, the crystal needs to be cleansed under sunlight. 

Many people believe that this crystal helps reduce anxiety, making it the perfect healing crystal for meditation. The method of using selenite is quite simple during meditation you simply hold it while meditating or have it very close by, and let your energy flow through the crystal.

¬†ÔĽŅUse it to cleanse other crystals

 Many people will use selenite to charge and replenish other healing crystals. Different types of sculptures have been crafted out of the crystal for practical reasons. A selenite charging plate is like a normal plate made of pure selenite, you can simply place your crystals on the plate and leave them to fully charge overnight. If you have a large crystal that needs recharging it might be easier to go for the extra-large selenite plate. 

Another option is to get a selenite bowl, it is like a normal bowl made of pure selenite. These bowls are often made by hand. You simply leave your healing crystals inside the bowl for recharging, we recommend that you wait around 24 hours. 

Using a selenite tower is probably the most practical method of charging your crystals, simply keep your healing crystal close to the selenite tower and all of your crystals will always be fully charged.

Wearing selenite

Because selenite promotes peace and calmness many people will constantly carry the crystal around with them. Stunning jewelry is made from crystal, even people in ancient times used this crystal for jewelry as it is easy to carve and also looks beautiful. People believe that wearing the jewelry will create a protective bubble from negative energy. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are made from crystal we have a good selection on our website be sure to check our collections. 

A selenite tumbled stone can be used to help reduce stress levels. Many people will carry this crystal in their pocket. If any stressful situations that might occur hold it in your palm that will help you be more relaxed and relieve those stress levels. Many people believe that the crystal will protect them from negative energy in the real world, the high vibration from selenite will help will deflect any negative energy that might come your way.

Using it to connect your crown chakra

Many people will use selenite to connect to the crown chakra, often during meditation. It is believed that the crystal can help with creative energy, people often feel a sense of direction in their lives after using the crystal. Connecting to the crown chakra can also connect to higher consciousness which can help connect to the higher realms. The reason that many people try and connect to other realms is in the hope they connect to the spirit world. 

There are many ways to use selenite and different sculptures crafted from the crystal, people will use the crystal for their own personal benefit. We found that a selenite candle holder is stunning in its own right, one of our favourites for relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day at work.