Is selenite good for anxiety?

Is selenite good for anxiety?

Many people do not believe in the power of healing crystals and others do and some use them most days as part of their daily routine. Using these crystal has gone back centuries and ancient people was a firm believer in the powers of healing crystals. 

What makes selenite so special is that it has the power to absorb negative energy from a place or within the body. If you are suffering from serious problems of anxiety you should always consult a doctor. Many people often associate selenite with peace and calmness which often help clear the mind of any negative thought. Selenite is often used to cleanse the mind, this will have a direct impact on reducing anxiety.

Many people who suffer from anxiety will simply hold the crystal in their hand and meditate the crystal will absorb any negative energy that might exist in your body. Some might carry a selenite tumbled stone in their pocket and when times get tough they hold the crystal as a coping mechanism for reducing anxiety levels.

Probably the best way to reap the benefit of using selenite to reduce anxiety levels is to carry the crystal around as a necklace. You will always have a protective crystal around your neck that will deter any negative energy that might come your way. 

Using selenite lamps to reduce Anxiety levels

Most of us worry from time to time especially at night time if it is work or a big event, it is normal to feel anxious about things that we can't control. Everyone suffers from anxiety some can handle it better than others. If you struggle to cope with anxiety using a selenite lamp could be beneficial in controlling your anxiety levels, the soft gentle glow from our lamp is relaxing and can help someone feel pure calmness. It brings a soft gentle glow and they are the perfect nightlight.

These selenite lamps help us relax during night time and release our worries, the high vibration from the selenite crystal will help clear and cleanse your mind from any negative thoughts. It is the perfect lamp for reducing anxiety levels. 

Using a selenite sphere to control your emotions

Our selenite spheres look amazing they are heavy and feel comfortable to hold, they are designed to help control your emotions and enhance your meditation practices simply hold them during a meditation to feel their powers. This selenite crystal sphere works wonders in controlling your anxiety levels. Every time you feel that your anxiety levels are going out of control simply hold this crystal sphere in your hand while doing a meditation, it will help cleanse and clear your mind and help you bring down your anxiety levels. Anyone who suffers from anxiety would greatly benefit from using the spheres during meditation.

Using selenite during night time

Some of us might worry at night time to the point where we cannot sleep at all, or the total unrest before sleeping might give us nightmares. Having high anxiety levels during night time can cause a higher chance of having a nightmare.

People believe that simply having a selenite in your bedroom can offer protection from negative thoughts, and while you are sleeping and reduce the chances of having nightmares. Many people who suffer from anxiety before going to bed will often use selenite to help calm their nerves and be more relaxed before going to sleep.

Suffering from anxiety is not a pleasant experience and there are many ways of controlling our anxiety levels. Always consult with a doctor if you are struggling with anxiety. Many people often feel better in the presence of a selenite, especially after a deep meditation. I hope you found this article useful.