Is Selenite safe?

Is Selenite safe?

You have just purchased your new selenite crystal and you might wonder if it is safe to handle. For example, if you purchased a selenite wand or a lamp it might be in contact with your skin all the time. You might wonder if it is safe to be in close contact with the crystal. There is no need to worry selenite crystal is safe to touch and handle and it is not toxic. This crystal is one of the safest crystals to handle. It is crystallized salt that was formed millions of years ago. 

Some people might get confused about selenite as a mineral and sodium selenite. Sodium selenite can be harmful in high concentrations and should not be consumed. Sometimes selenite crystal can flake just make sure you dispose of the waste and make sure it does not come in contact with your eyes.

Is selenite water safe?

Selenite as a crystal is a very soft crystal and it can dissolve when exposed for a long period to water because it has a hardness of 2 which is very soft in the crystal world. If you decide to shower with your selenite necklace for example no need to worry it is safe to do so and it is not likely to dissolve away and cause harm to your skin. Short exposure to the selenite crystal will not cause damage to the crystal.

If you decide to dissolve your selenite in water to create selenite water it is not recommended to drink and there has been little research into the safety of drinking selenite water. Sometimes in a damp home, you might find some water around your selenite tower For example, the water is not dangerous simply wipe it off with a tissue and dispose

 Is Selenite safe for cats and dogs?

You might wonder about having your selenite tower in your home if it is safe for your cat or dog. No need to worry selenite crystals are not harmful and animals can be around the crystal. The crystal is not recommended for digestion. If your cat or dog tends to lick the crystal try and keep the crystal out of their reach when you are not at home. We would recommend this for all of your healing crystals as there has not been enough research on the digestion of these crystals.

Is it safe to leave in the sun?

Most crystal healers will leave their selenite crystals in the sun for a few hours to cleanse and fully charge the crystal. However, it is not recommended to leave the crystal for a very long period of time in direct sunlight as it can cause damage and the crystal to fade. Try not to keep it by the window sill in your home.

In general, it is recommended to leave your selenite in the sun for a few hours if you have just received the crystal. 

 Is selenite safe to wear?

If you have purchased a selenite necklace, bracelet, or earrings you might wonder if it is safe to be in close contact all the time with the crystal. These crystals are safe to wear and selenite is a natural mineral that exists in many things that we use every day in our home for example in paint and in our windows. If you have a history of dermatitis we would recommend that if the bracelets or necklace leave a rash or a reaction on your skin do not wear the crystal to see if the reaction still persists. If it dose not maybe not worth wearing the necklace if you are having a reaction.

Selenite jewelry has been worn for thousands of years as it is a common crystal that can be found all over the world. Ancient people wore these beautiful crystals around their necks for protection from evil spirits. As the crystal is very soft it is easy to craft it into beautiful shapes.

If you worry about wearing your selenite jewelry there is no need to worry selenite is one of the safest crystals to touch.

Most of the products on our website are handmade and the people who handle and craft the crystal into beautiful sculptures are still healthy. We handle our beautiful crystals most days.