Moldavite and selenite together combination

Moldavite and selenite together combination

Both Moldavite and selenite crystals are considered powerful crystals that can help cleanse the chakras within the body. Both of these crystals are believed to have a high vibration that can help with healing, both are used during meditation to help increase a spiritual awakening. They should be in every crystal healer collector collection. 

These crystals are similar to each other and they are both fragile and can easily break. Moldavite has a green colour to its surface and almost looks like glass it has a hardness of 7 Mohs, it looks very similar to other types of glass and it may have swirls running through the crystal. While selenite has only a hardness of 2.0 Mohs it has a more fibrous surface and is usually translucent and has no colour. Selenite is often White in colour but can also be orange or even green.

These crystals are often used during meditation to help connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, which helps us connect to our angels or spirit guides. Selenite crystal can be found in abundance all over the world while moldavite is a much rarer crystal and a much more expensive crystal to buy. Moldovite connects also with the heart chakra which is an extra chakra compared to selenite. 

It is believed that moldavite is used to help with memory and help with balance within our brains. Many people associate moldavite with love and relationships as it helps clear any negative energy from the heart chakra. People also use moldavite that seek forgiveness. 

 How to use them during meditation

Find a comfortable place in your home with a soft gentle comfortable ground to sit on, a yoga mat would be ideal. Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Make sure that you have moldavite in one hand and selenite crystal in the other hand. As you inhale through your nose imagine that you are inhaling white and green energy from the crystals. Let this energy flow into your lungs and feel the power of the crystal flow through your body until you can feel that the energy has reached the crown chakra. Once you have connected with your crown chakra you will feel like you may be travelling through the universe. Everyone's experience is unique some people feel more connected to the natural world. Some people felt like they had a connection with their guardian angels or their spirit guide.

If you want to connect with your heart chakra repeat the process by slowly inhaling and exhaling slowly. Let the green and white light energy reach your lungs and focus on the energy until it has reached your heart chakra. Once you have connected with the heart chakra you will feel an overwhelming feeling of love toward others. You may feel a deeper spiritual connection with your partner or with your family. Also, people that seek to connect to the heart chakra are looking for forgiveness or to forgive. Connecting to the heart chakra can be overwhelming and if you are a beginner make sure that you practice in the presence of an expert.

 Why combine the crystals?

Sometimes it is difficult to connect to your chakras even while using a healing crystal. Combining both crystals such as selenite and moldavite can enhance the powers of the crystal and make it much more likely to connect. Selenite as a crystal can enhance other crystals' powers it also helps with the flow of energy between different crystals.

Overusing moldavite can cause the crystal to lose its powers, selenite is the crystal that can recharge and cleanse the crystal simply leave them close together for 24 hours.

How to combine them?

 If you are meditating you can simply hold both crystals in each hand, we would recommend that you use these crystals in a palm stone shape or as a sphere as it is not too big. It just makes the crystal more comfortable to hold for a longer duration period of time. 

You can also wear the crystal as jewelry, you can wear the crystals as bracelets, necklace pendants, or an earring. Using them with jewlery not only looks beautiful you will be carrying these protection crystals everywhere you go.