Satin spar vs Selenite properties

Satin spar vs Selenite properties

Let start off with the similarities both of these crystals have in common. Both of these crystals are used in the crystal healing world both are very similar in appearance. Both of the crystals are very soft, both of the crystal is so soft they can be scratched with a fingernail. Both crystals have a similar hardness, selenite has a hardness of 2 Mohs and satin spar has a hardness of 2.5 Mohs scale which is very soft in the crystal world.

Both of them come from the gypsum crystal family which is basically crystallized salt. Both are beautiful and can be easily carved into sculptures and jewelry. However, there are some differences between them selenite tends to be more clear crystal while satin spar has a more cloudy haze throughout.

Both crystals are believed to have mythical powers, it is believed that both gypsum crystal has a high vibration which can help draw out any negative energy that might exist within. Crystal healers will often use both crystals to cleanse and charge other healing stones.

 Selenite and satin spar are commonly used during meditation as it promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. Both crystals are used to connect to the crown chakra which connects to the spirit world. Both of these crystal structures are the same they are created into long crystal shards.

Difference between selenite and satin spar

One of the most noticeable things that you can notice is the difference in the color of both these crystals. Satin spar has more of a white cloudy color while selenite has more of a clear transparent. Selenite can also vary in color it can be orange, peach, brown, or even blue. 

Even though both of these crystals a very soft crystal satin spar are more resilient they can handle being exposed to water for a longer period of time. Satin spar tends to be a much cheaper crystal than selenite as it can be found in more abundance around the world.

Satin spar appearance is silky and fabric-like in appearance, the crystal seems packed with a smooth and silky touch. It almost feels like touching a piece of fabric. The soft surface can be easily polished which gives it a very smooth and reflective surface. The inside of the crystal is cloudy and not transparent.

While selenite is more like a clear crystal, it is transparent like a sheet of glass. The crystal itself is a much longer crystal than the satin spar and has much sharper edges, it is usually formed in sheets. The surface of a selenite crystal is smoother than that of a satin spar. Selenite in fact is one of the largest crystals to ever been found on planet Earth, even though it is a rarer crystal to find than satin spar, once a pocket is found there will be large quantities.

 They are both made of the same mineral

Even though they look slightly different from each other they are made of the exact same mineral. Satin spar is technically selenite, A selenite crystal tends to be colorless and clear crystal which is the only major difference between the two crystals. Satin spar is much easier to handle and craft into beautiful pieces like a selenite wand or a selenite tower.

Satin spar is more commonly used for commercial purposes, satin spar is a component of making paint. While selenite is only used for meditation and healing purposes.

 Some people might call satin spar a selenite fake, but this is not the case at all they are exactly from the same mineral. Pure selenite will not be able to be crafted into sculptures such as a selenite tower or a selenite wand for example only from a satin spar. You might be able to get satin spar or selenite in varieties of different colours such as pink, blue and green, etc. This is treated selenite usually electroplated or dyed it is usually labeled in the description. Both of these crystals' natural formation is white or cloudy white.

 Our opinion with selenite vs. satin spar is that both are exactly the same crystal, and we believe it is completely okay to call satin spar selenite. Both are used for the exact same purposes in the crystal healing world and both are made of exactly the same material. Both are some of the most powerful crystals out of all of the healing crystals and should be in everyone's crystal healing collection. 

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