selenite and labradorite together

selenite and labradorite together


Many crystal healers will combine these crystals together for many reasons. People in the crystal healing world might overuse the labradorite crystal and sometimes negative energy can get trapped within the crystal, or simply dwindle its powers. Please note that any healing crystal that you have purchased online or in the store should be cleansed and charged before use. The most common method of doing this is to use selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals. Selenite crystal has a powerful high vibration and many people will use the crystal with other crystals to enhance their powers.


Both of these crystals look completely different to each other. Their metaphysical properties are different and their healing properties are different. However, both of these crystals are used for protection, relaxing, and reducing anxiety.


Labradorite crystals is a very beautiful crystal it is full of colour, and once tumbled, polished, and smoothed it looks stunning. The crystal is a very strong crystal and it is difficult to break, they are often used in jewelry. While selenite tends to be a much more fragile crystal and you will only find it in one plain colour peach or white. Labradorite is often used during meditation as it helps connect to three other chakras the crown, the third eye, and the throat. While selenite only connects to the crown and the third eye.


Many people believe that both of these crystals are used in helping and healing the body. The associated healing properties of labradorite help with respiratory systems, help with digestion and help reduce anxiety.


Combining both crystals for protection


Both of these crystals are believed to have powerful protection properties, selenite and labradorite have been used for protection for thousands of years. People will place these crystals by the front door or in their bedroom as it is believed that these crystals deflect or absorb any negative energy that might exist within their homes or within their bodies.


However, using both of these crystals together can enhance the protection even further. Selenite makes other crystals even more powerful and it also helps the flow of energy between different crystals.


These beautiful crystals are made into jewelry and gifted to a loved one as it is believed to offer protection from negative energy. The crystal has also been used to extract negative or unwanted spirits from your home. Using both crystals together drastically increases the protection from the crystal.


Reducing anxiety and help with sleep


Both of these crystals are often used together to help the person be more relaxed, and focused and release any negativity that might exist within. Combining both of these crystals enhances their powers to help reduce stress and anxiety even more.

People will sleep with these tumble stones on their pillow or under the bed. Some will have the sculptured obelisk by their bedside.


We found that having both of these crystals either as a sphere or a tumbled stone in their hands before going to bed for a few minutes can help with a better night's sleep. It also reduces the chance of getting nightmares and waking up during nighttime.


Using both of these crystals during meditation


It is possible to combine both of these crystals during meditation, actually combining both of these crystals is a very good match as both crystals connect to similar chakras. They are often used to connect to the crown chakra which helps connect to the spirit world. Many people who connect to the crown chakra will often feel more relaxed with a clear mind. You will feel much more connected to the spiritual realm. Many people who connect to their crown chakra will often have a deeper connection with nature.


It is known by connecting to the crown chakra people often feel that it reduces their stress and anxiety levels. People simply hold the crystal in both of their hands while meditating, they will usually hold it in the form of a palm stone or a sphere ball as it is very comfortable to hold during meditation.


It is also possible to use both of these crystals to connect the third eye chakra which helps with clarity, self-awareness, and emotional balance. It is sometimes difficult to connect to your chakras during meditation that why using both of these crystals is the perfect combo.