Using Selenite crystal and black tourmaline together

Using Selenite crystal and black tourmaline together

Black tourmaline is a very dark inky crystal and it surface is slightly similar to selenite, it has a rough fibrous surface. The crystal almost looks like chunks of coal. They can be easily distinguished from one another by their completely different colour, black tourmaline has a very black colour and selenite has a bright transparent white colour. Black tourmaline is a very harder crystal than selenite with a hardness of 7.5 Mohs compared to selenite with a hardness 2.5 Mohs. Both of these crystals are considered powerful protection stones and are used by many in the crystal healing world to protect from negative energy. Using the crystal for protection has gone back thousands of years when the crystal has been crafted into beautiful jewelry. People would place these crystals around their homes as it was believed that the crystals would deter evil spirits.

Extra care is required while handling these crystals both are considered quite fragile. Try and store them somewhere dry and cold to increase the longevity of the crystals.

Many people believe that both of these stones can be used to reduce anxiety levels and cleanse and clear the mind. You can simply close your eyes meditate and let the power of the crystals flow into your body. The crystals should withdraw any anxiety or negative energy from within. After using the crystals you should feel that you have a more positive outlook on life and much more energy flowing through your body.

Black tourmaline helps us connect to the root chakra which is responsible for grounding us and keeping us here and now and to live in the moment and not worry about the future or the past. It is also believed that the crystal can help us have a deeper connection to the earth itself and have a better understanding of how the natural world works around us. 

While selenite connects to the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. This helps us connect us to our angels and spirits guides and better understand the universe. Both of these crystals look beautiful next to each other the white and the black complement each other perfectly.

Charging and cleansing the crystal

Selenite and black tourmaline will be required to be cleansed and charged if they have been overused. Or you may have recently purchased the crystal. You can leave the crystal under direct sun or moonlight for a few hours to fully charge and cleanse the crystals.  

If sunlight or moonlight is not available the crystals can also be charged and cleansed by simply burning a smudge stick and passing the crystals through the smoke. This is a common practice that most people do just before meditation.

Combining both crystals during meditation

 Combining both crystals during meditation is a common practice, especially with selenite. The crystal can help increase the flow of energy between different crystals and also enhance the power of the black tourmaline. Using these crystals together increases the likelihood of connecting with your chakras. 

You can use both these crystals during meditation by simply holding both crystals in each hand. When you inhale through your nose you should concentrate on feeling the powers of the crystals entering through your nose into your lungs. Push the energy from the crystals down towards the root chakra. Once you have connected to the root chakra it can sometimes feel overwhelming and emotional.

Connecting with your chakras can sometimes be difficult and being the right surroundings and environment is crucial for relaxing the mind. Some people find better success connecting with the root chakra while being surrounded by nature. It is recommended to practice your chakras where you feel completely comfortable and safe.

 Wearing Selenite and black tourmaline together

 To reap the benefits of the crystals you can simply wear them on the go in the form of jewelry. The black and white colour from the crystal compliments each other perfectly. 

People often place these crystals underneath their bed to remove any negative energy they might have while sleeping. No need if you have these stunning jelwery. Instead of using the crystals during meditation in both hands, you could simply wear the crystals around your neck.

Many people believe that wearing these crystals around your neck will help boost your mental health and well-being.