Selenite crystal breaking meaning

Selenite crystal breaking meaning

Selenite crystal is fragile and can easily break, scratch, or even shatter. The softness of the crystal is 2.5 Mohs which means it is very soft. Extra care is required while handling the crystal and it is required to keep the crystal somewhere safe and secure. 

In this article, we will explore the meaning of when a selenite crystal breaks. Sometimes there are natural fractures in the crystal that can cause them to break more easily.

If a selenite crystal breaks will it lose its powers? 

It all depends on how the crystal was broken, if the crystal broke from a bump or was damaged by accident, the crystal will not lose its powers, and it is not a sign of anything bad. The crystal can still be used as a healing crystal, and will still be able to absorb negative energy and be used during meditation.

Selenite crystals are always broken and shaped into beautiful sculptures and jewellery and it has a positive meaning when these crystals are broken. They are crafted into beautiful sculptures such as a selenite tower which helps cleanse negative energy from your home. You should never worry if your crystal is broken accidentally or on purpose by a human.

If you have ordered a selenite crystal online and you received your crystal broken in the post you should not be concerned it does not mean anything. It just means that selenite is a fragile crystal to post and they sometimes break if they are rough-handled. Even if the crystal arrived broken it still can be used and will not lose its powers as a healing crystal.

If a crystal is left out in the rain or has been exposed to water. Water can cause the crystal to crumble or break. Only if it has been left for long exposures, and if the crystal breaks to water exposure it still can be used. Leaving the crystal for long periods in direct sun can cause the crystal to get damaged crumble and even fade its colour. This is only true if the crystal has been left for excessively long periods in the sun. 

When selenite crystal breaks on its own

If a selenite crystal breaks on its own without any reason at all you should take this as a sign that the crystal might have lost its powers or your self no longer need the crystal. If you used the crystal to draw out negative energy and the crystal breaks it might have taken too much negative energy to cause the crystal to break. It is always recommended to charge and cleanse your selenite before using. Otherwise, the crystal could easily break due to blockages or too much build-up of negative energy within the crystal. The simplest way to charge and cleanse your crystal is to leave it in direct sunlight. 

If the crystal has broken when you were sleeping and there is no logical explanation it could have lost its powers to protect or absorb negative energy while you were sleeping. Many people use selenite during sleep to reduce nightmares or to stop spirits from entering their bedroom during night-time. A new crystal should be purchased if your crystal breaks while sleeping. 

Sometimes the crystal will break while charging and cleansing other stones and crystals. This means that the selenite crystal has been overused or it was too much for the crystal to handle. If this happens you should dispose of your selenite crystal and purchase a new one. 

If the crystal broke while trying to cleanse your chakras it means that there was too much blockage or negative energy for the crystal to absorb. If the crystal broke during this process it will have lost its abilities as a healing crystal and a new crystal should be purchased.

The crystal is often used during meditation to help to connect to your chakras. If the crystal breaks during a meditation session it could mean two things you were holding the crystal too firmly and caused the crystal to break. Or there was too much negative energy from within for the crystal to absorb. 

If the crystal breaks there is no need to worry if it is done by accident. The crystal still can be used as a healing crystal, if it breaks without explanation it just means it has lost its powers as a healing crystal. It is important to store your selenite crystal in a safe place to help increase the longevity of the crystal.