Selenite for back pain

Selenite for back pain

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal, it is believed that it has the power to absorb negative energy. People often used the crystal to cleanse their homes, ancient people used the crystal to decorate their homes and to keep negative energy at bay. Selenite is a very soft crystal that can easily break, extra care is required while handling the crystal. 

The crystal is often worn as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. People carry these crystals on them to help deflect negative energy and help cleanse their chakras. 

The crystal is one of the most powerful healing crystals and is sought after. The crystal was named after the goddess of the moon Selene. The crystal is often used during meditation and yoga, as the crystal helps cleanse any negative energy and helps the person be more focused and relaxed. Some people also believe that the crystal helps with flexibility. 

Some people strongly believe that selenite can help with bone alignment and back pain. Some people firmly believe that using crystal can also promote healing of the bones. People would place the selenite crystal on the point of the body where there is pain. Meditation is required to help allow the flow of energy through the body, try and meditate somewhere safe and comfortable. 

Some crystal healers will use selenite wands or sticks to help with back pain or skeletal issues. A person will lay flat on their back while a crystal healer will move the selenite crystal up and down the body to try to withdraw any negative energy or blockages.

Using selenite for meditation to cleanse your chakras 

If you are struggling with back pain it could be due to blocked root chakra which is located at the lower part of our spine. Selenite does not connect with the root chakra however it is used often with other healing stones such as black obsidian. Selenite has the ability to enhance the powers of other healing crystals, it also helps the flow of energy of other crystals. The root chakra helps you feel grounded and has the ability to withhold challenges. The root chakra is responsible for the sense of security and stability. It is often the case if the root chakra is blocked it can cause back pain. Selenite has the ability to absorb negative energy and help unblock the root chakra. To unblock the root chakra simply be in the presence of selenite for a long duration, people will sleep with the crystal in their bedroom or wear the crystal as jewelry. 

Another possibility for back pain is that the sacral chakra is blocked, you can meditate with orange or peach selenite as it can help connect to the sacral chakra. Sacral is often associated with sexual energy, sometimes these sacral chakras can get blocked and cause back pain and pelvic pain. You can simply have orange selenite on you all the time in the form of jewlery or as sculptures in your home to help unblock the sacral chakra.  

Meditating with the crystal is the most effective method of allowing selenite to help with the pain. Simply sit in a comfortable position or on a soft surface such as a pillow or a yoga mat. Start with a deep inhale and exhale while holding the crystals in the palm of your hand, try to use palm stones as they are comfortable to hold. After 5 minutes of deep inhaling and exhaling your mind should feel completely relaxed, as you inhale through your nose focus on your breathing and feel the white light from the crystal enter your body. You should feel the power of the crystal flow through your nose into your lungs, once you feel the energy of the crystal in your blood focus on the chakra you wish to focus on. Push the power of the crystal to the root chakra or the sacral chakra. 

Once you have connected to your chakras you may feel an overwhelming feeling and you might feel that your body is vibrating. Any back pain should be significantly less or even gone completely.

It requires focus and concentration to help to connect to the chakras. You might not always be successful in connecting to your chakras. Selenite helps increase the chances. If you have a back problem always consult a doctor. Meditating has always been an effective method of boosting mental health and reducing pain. If you struggle with back pain meditation with selenite could be a good option for you.