Selenite for chronic fatigue syndrome

Selenite for chronic fatigue syndrome

Some people believe that the power of selenite crystal can help with physical health and mental health. Some people firmly believe in the power of the crystal. The Selenite crystal is known to be the most powerful crystal of all of the healing crystals. It has a very high vibration that can help absorb and remove any negative energy that might exist within. People believe that using the crystal can also unblock trapped energy from our chakras. 

Some people believe that chronic fatigue is linked to trapped energy from within our chakras. Even though the crystal is a very powerful crystal it is also very fragile and could easily break. People who firmly believe in crystal healing believe that selenite can help with many health problems. The crystal can promote peace and calmness, the crystal takes away any anxiety or negative thought that exists within our mind. Which could in some way be beneficial for mental health towards chronic fatigue syndrome. 

The crystal has long been used for protection against negative energy for thousands of years, the crystal can even help cleanse your home of any unwanted negative energy. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome using could provide extra comfort and protection when you don't feel well.

Many people will wear selenite necklaces or jewelry as constant protection from negative energy.

The crystal is well known for its powers of manifestation, in which many people manifest positive thoughts about the future and wish that they will come true. Selenite is a very positive crystal and it should be in everyone's life. Having chronic fatigue syndrome can be difficult and using the crystal in your home can boost your levels of energy and bring positive vibes into your home.

Using selenite with chronic fatigue

The best way to use selenite hands down is to use it during meditation. Selenite and meditation will make you feel like a different, person improve your energy levels and hopefully help with your chronic fatigue. Selenite is a crystal that helps connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. The crown chakra is often used if you are trying to connect to the spirit world with your guardian angels or with the lord of the divine. Connecting with the crown chakra for the 1st time can be a very overwhelming experience and you may feel an avalanche of emotion come out that you can't control. Some people might experience that they are traveling through the universe at the speed of light and they feel better about their outlook on life because they have had that deep spiritual connection with the higher power.  Some might feel that they have a better understanding of the natural world around them. Many people feel that they have had a spiritual awakening after connecting to the crown chakra and they have a more positive outlook on life. If you connect to the crown chakra this could be beneficial in helping support your chronic fatigue syndrome and have a better understanding of what lies ahead.

How to connect?

Simply hold the selenite crystal in your hand inhale and exhale concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes until your mind is completely relaxed. When inhaling imagine you are breathing a beam of white light. Feel the light travel down towards your lungs. As it enters your lungs follow the energy until it reaches your crown chakra which is at the top of your head. As soon as you connect to the crown chakra you should feel peace and calmness that should boost your energy levels.

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome always follow the guidance of a doctor. Using the crystals during meditation is a good way of boosting levels of energy and bringing a more positive outlook on life. No matter who you are, or what situation you are in everyone can meditate with a selenite crystal. Hope this article helps.