Selenite Zodiac signs and planet association

Selenite Zodiac signs and planet association

If we are looking into crystal healing understanding every aspect of the crystal is crucial, especially if we will be using the crystal to unblock our chakras, or help us to absorb any negative energy, as well as using it during our meditation session. It would be also important to know the ruling planet of the crystal or the Zodiac sign. 

There are many ways we can determine a selenite zodiac sign such as with birthstones, planet association, and the power of the crystal. We can decide what the zodiac sign for the selenite crystal is by looking at the ruling planet.

Many crystals are determined by their zodiac signs by determining their birthstone. However, selenite is not a birthstone and we cannot use this method to determine the zodiac sign of the crystal. Instead, we can use the ruling planet to decide the zodiac sign of the crystal. 

The crystal ruling planet is the moon, ancient people have been worshiping the moon for thousands of years and it plays a significant role in their life. Ancient Egyptians named the crystal after the goddess of the moon Selene, which indicates it is a powerful crystal. The crystal has an otherworldly feel, you can feel the power of the crystal in its presence. 

It is believed that the crystal has three Zodiac sign for Selenite which is Taurus, cancer, and Leo. 

Using a selenite zodiac sign as your birthstone has many advantages as it helps expand our self-awareness. It will help boost your mental energy and cleanse any negativity from within. The crystal will help us with guidance and help give us with unexpected opportunities. The crystal can help us with the transformation from within. 

Selenite and Taurus

 Taurus ruling planet is Venus, it magical planet that helps govern love, beauty, and money. People who fall into the Taurus birthstone are from the 20th of April to the 20th of May. The symbol of this zodiac sign is a bull.

People who have the birthstone Taurus are believed to have strong personalities. They are stubborn people, bull-headed and they are stuck in their own stubborn ways. However, people with the Taurus birth sign are very dependable people and they are excellent listeners. People that are Taurus are very loyal people and down-to-earth people.

If your star sign is Taurus using a selenite crystal would be beneficial to carry it around as a spiritual guide crystal.

If your birthstone is Taurus it would be beneficial to wear selenite as it is believed it has energizing and healing properties that help dispel negative energy. Some believe that wearing the crystal will bring good luck and prosperity. No doubt that wearing this crystal will provide the ultimate protection. Wearing the crystal can help align you spiritually, many people believe that using selenite can help with spiritual awakening. 


The ruling planet of the moon is Cancer, which makes selenite crystal birthstone also a Cancer. People who have their zodiac sign as cancer will experience intense emotional experience and emphatic abilities. People that fall into this category are people that were born between June 21st and July 22nd. 

The personality of the people that fall into this category is that they are very caring people. They are very emotional, very sensitive, and insecure. Using a selenite crystal as your zodiac sign can help control your emotions, the power of the crystal can help deter any negative energy from within and boost your confidence. The perfect way to carry your crystal around with you would be to carry it in the form of jewelry.  The symbol that represents cancer is a crab. 

Selenite and its zodiac birthstone cancer is the perfect healing crystal for people who fall into this group. The crystal is the perfect crystal for meditating, as it helps clear the mind of negative thoughts and energy. People with the Zodiac sign cancer can be very sensitive and insecure. Using their birthstone selenite can help during meditation and help with cleansing the body and bringing positive energy to oneself.