What are selenite sticks used for?

What are selenite sticks used for?

Selenite sticks are thin selenite crystals, their size varies from small to large. There are many reasons someone would use a selenite stick, it is a protection crystal and it is often used during meditation to cleanse negative energy. Using a selenite stick is the perfect way of cleansing negative energy from your home. People will often wave these crystals around in their homes while burning a smudge stick to remove any negative energy. This is commonly done after someone has come out of a relationship or bad memories that might exist with their home. Waving the crystal around the home can absorb any negative energy that might still exist.

These crystals are referred to as the crystal of light and it is known to be a protective crystal. People believe that the presence of a selenite stick will cause protection and remove any negative energy. People will often have these crystals in their bedrooms for protection while sleeping. 

These selenite sticks are very fragile crystals and extra care is required while handling them. 

Cleansing your aurora 

 People will often use a selenite wand stick to help cleanse their aurora, they will sleep and move the crystal up and down the body until they feel a shift in energy. If you are mixing with other people throughout the day their negative energy can rub off against you. Use a selenite stick to remove any negative energy. 

Keeping your aura cleansed and clear is important in making sure that your vibration is still aligned in a good place.

 Using to charge other crystals and amplify

Many crystal healers will use selenite sticks to cleanse and charge other crystals by simply placing the crystal on the other healing stones overnight. The selenite stick will absorb any negative energy and fully charge the crystal.

If you purchased any new healing stones they should be cleansed every time. Not only does the crystal cleanse and charge other healing stones it also encourages the flow of energy between different crystals and amplifies their powers.

Using during meditation

A selenite stick is an important tool for meditating many people will use the crystal during meditation. Simply sit upright in a fairly dark room slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Either hold the crystal in your hand or have it close by.

As you focus on inhaling and exhaling try and visualize white lights entering through the nose and going into the lungs. Allow the energy of light to flow through your body until you feel completely relaxed. Hold the selenite stick in your hand and slowly lift the crystal to the crown chakra which is above the top of the head let the energy and flow of the crystal enter the crown chakra.

When you have connected with the crown chakra you may feel like you are travelling through the cosmos and you have a better understanding of how the universe works. Each experience is unique to each person. Some might feel a profound deep spiritual connection with nature.

As soon as you have finished your meditation slowly count backwards from 10 to 1 and then open your eyes. You should feel complete relaxation.

ÔĽŅImprove skeletal structure

 Some people believe that using a selenite stick can help align the skeletal structure. It is believed that the crystal can help align the spine and increase its flexibility. Many people believe that selenite sticks can promote the health of bones and teeth. Many people will use the selenite stick by sleeping with the crystal underneath the bed.

It is believed that the crystal can help in repairing the bones and increase bone structural growth. A crystal healer will ask the person to lay flat on their back, a selenite stick will be used starting from the crown chakra and slowly moving the crystal passing through all of the chakras. The person should be in a completely meditative state during this process.

¬†ÔĽŅUse for protection

ÔĽŅA selenite stick is often used for protection from negative energy, it is believed that the high vibration from the crystal will create a protective barrier. People will place these¬†crystals around the house to deter any negative energy. This practice has gone back thousands of years.