What is a selenite desert rose?

What is a selenite desert rose?

A selenite desert rose is made from the exact same minerals as a selenite but the formation is different. A selenite rose is made from wind, sand, and water. Sand gets trapped within the selenite blades and the water over time gives this mineral a rose-like appearance. A desert rose is a process that occurs in deserts and it is a natural process.

Selenite crystal is a formation that was formed millions of years ago while a desert rose selenite is a formation that only takes a couple of hundred years. Even though a desert rose is a selenite it looks completely different, a selenite desert rose has a circle shape that almost looks like a flower. It has a rough rugged sharp blade appearance and has a brown color to its surface, while selenite has a white crystal-like surface. 

This desert rose crystal can be found in most deserts around the world as selenite crystal is a common crystal that can be found in abundance. It has the same metaphysical properties as normal selenite, it is very fragile and does not react well to water, so extra caution is required while handling the crystal. 

These desert rose crystals are cheaper crystal than pure selenite as they are easy to find on the desert floor. It is mostly found in the Sahara desert and the local people will collect them to sell.

Used for meditation

A selenite desert rose has a very powerful vibration and people believe that this vibration can be used to cleanse any negative energy that exists within your body or from your home. It is believed to be one of the most powerful crystals out of all of the healing crystals. Having this desert rose in your crystal collection will also be very beneficial to cleanse and recharge your other healing crystals. 

People can use a selenite rose during meditation as it helps people be more relaxed and clear-minded during meditation and it will help clear any negative energy that might exist within the mind. This crystal is often used to help people connect to the crown chakra, which people often feel that it helps connect to the spirit world.

Even though this crystal can be used to cleanse all chakras it is most useful for the sacral chakra it helps give a sense of direction to someone in their lives. It can help a person achieve their dreams and goals.

Used for protection

As this beautiful desert rose crystal deters negative energy, people often feel that the crystal offers protection from unwanted spirits. People will often place these crystals in their homes or in the bedroom. The powerful vibration from the crystal can deflect any negative energy that might come their way.

This tradition has gone back thousands of years ancient people used to leave a desert rose by the front door to deter negative energy.

Why would someone want one?

If you are going through a difficult period in your life and not sure what to do meditating with a desert rose can help clear the mind and offer guidance. Some people will have these crystals under their pillow as they can help enhance deeper dreaming and create more positive dreams. If you have frequent nightmares having a desert rose below your pillow might help.

Some people believe that these crystals can help cleanse their chakras as it has the power to absorb negative energy. You can also carry this crystal in your pocket as good luck, some people have reported feeling a more sense of confidence carrying this powerful crystal around with them. 

This crystal is a must-have for any crystal collector, a selenite rose helps pass the flow of energy between different crystals. You can even combine it with other crystals to enhance their abilities.

 Charging and cleansing selenite desert rose

ÔĽŅOverusing a selenite desert rose can sometimes cause negative energy to be trapped within or dwindle its powerful vibration. You can cleanse and charge your desert rose¬†by leaving it in the sun, for a few hours, it will need to be left in direct sunlight. Leaving the crystal under moonlight can also charge the crystal, be sure not to leave it out in the rain.¬†

If there is no sun or moonlight you can also cleanse your crystal with smoke, by simply passing it through the smoke.