What is Green selenite?

What is Green selenite?

Green selenite is a unique crystal that should be in any crystal healer collector. They truly look beautiful and are a very rare crystal. It is a very powerful crystal that can only be found in one location that we know of. It has a magical feel that will bring good energy into your home. The formation of these crystals can only be found in the region of Australia and is indeed a rare crystal. It is only found in the southern region of Australia.

These crystals are often created in clusters and they might have a brown or a white colour towards the base of the crystal. It is believed that these selenite crystals are an effect of a copper mine that is located nearby, which may played a role in influencing the change of the colour of the crystal.

The metaphysical properties of green selenite are very similar to those of normal white selenite. It is believed that copper has influenced the change in colour. The crystal is much softer and more fragile than the white selenite.


What is used for?

Green selenite is often used for meditation as it is believed it helps connect with 4 chakras. It helps connect with the heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakra. A normal white selenite only connects to the crown chakra. The green selenite often connects with the heart chakra which is an important factor in our well-being. The heart chakra helps us control our emotions better, it helps us to have a better understanding of our self-awareness and it helps us in connecting with other people and making new friends.

The crown chakra helps the meditator connect to the spirit world. The throat chakra is often associated with communication with yourself and others, people might want to connect with the throat chakra if they are not sure what to say to themselves or other people.


Green selenite's metaphysical properties

Normal white selenite is actually a harder crystal than green selenite, extra caution is required while handling the crystal. Green selenite is not suitable for crafting or making jewelry as it is such a soft crystal. You will usually find the crystal in a small cluster. Extreme caution is required when handling the crystal.

What makes this crystal so special is that it has a very powerful friendly vibration. The powerful vibration from the crystal will bring friendship even closer, the crystal has very good energy and will even help with fixing deep wounds from ex-partnerships.

This beautiful green crystal will bring joy into your life. It will help you make the correct decisions if you are at a crossroads in your life and not sure which way to go. Having this beautiful crystal in your crystal collection will have a positive impact on your other healing crystals. The green selenite crystal has a very high vibration and also has the power to charge and cleanse other healing crystals.

It will help with trauma, if you have gone through a difficult period in your life a green selenite will help lift your spirits and make you feel stronger. It will also help you in making difficult decisions. Many people have reported feeling much more confident in the presence of a green selenite.


Benefits of green selenite

Some people believe that wearing green selenite can stop the aging of the skin, people that carry this crystal often feel a strong connection to the natural world, and often helps release any negative energy within.

Some people also believe that the crystal helps with the immune system and they feel much stronger in the presence of a green selenite.

A green selenite is overall a more powerful crystal than the white selenite as it connects to 3 more chakras, however, the crystal is extremely fragile and can easily break and when they do break people believe it bad omen.

Charging and cleansing

Charging and cleansing green selenite is required if you have exhausted the crystal by overusing it. White selenite is often left in the sun to be cleansed and fully charged. You can charge and cleanse green selenite under direct sunlight or moonlight. Extreme caution is required while charging and cleansing outdoors water can cause damage if left in the rain. Another method is to use smoke to cleanse and charge the crystal.