Yellow selenite

Yellow selenite

Selenite often comes in the colour white peach or even green, other factors such as the influence of other minerals nearby can cause the crystal to change its colour. This is normally true with peach selenite if there is a presence of iron nearby it can cause the crystal to change its colour to orange. 

A  yellow selenite crystal can occur this is due to the crystal being exposed to the sun. Overexposure to the natural sunlight can cause the crystal to turn yellow. Other factors play a role in changing the color of the crystal yellow such as minerals that are close by. 

Metaphysically yellow selenite is exactly the same as white selenite, it associated health benefits that come with the crystal are the same as both crystals can be used to connect the crown chakra. Many people believe that using yellow selenite can help reduce anxiety and stress levels, the crystal has the power to absorb and deter negative energy.

Some people also believe that the crystal can enhance, cleanse, and charge other crystals by simply having the crystal close to other healing crystals.

What is yellow selenite?

It is believed that yellow selenite has a very high vibration that can be used to deflect any negative energy. The crystal is believed to be so powerful it was named after the goddess of the moon selene. You will often find the crystal in white colour, some people might even dye selenite to have a more unique colour to the crystal. People often use these crystals to release any negative energy that might exist in their body or mind. It is a crystal that is often used to cleanse and charge your chakras. 

This beautiful crystal should be kept away from water as yellow selenite and other gypsum crystals don't react well to water. 

How does yellow selenite turn yellow?

There are a few factors that can cause the crystal to turn yellow. Selenite is made from the evaporation of high concentrations of salt water a process that happens very slowly over millions of years to leave behind these beautiful fragile crystals. Colour of the crystal could be influenced by other minerals that were close by during the evaporation process. 

Another factor that can cause the crystal to turn yellow is long exposure to natural sunlight. It is recommended to leave a selenite crystal in the sun for a few hours to cleanse and charge the crystal. Leaving the crystal for a long time in natural sunlight can cause the crystal to turn yellow. 

Some selenite retailers will dye the crystal yellow, pink, or blue. To give it a more unique appearance to easier to sell the crystal most often this is easy to recognize as it does not look natural.

Can you still meditate with yellow selenite?

 Yellow selenite can help you connect to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. You can simply meditate somewhere you may feel safe and comfortable. Meditate while holding the crystal in your hand, you may feel the energy of the crystal enter through your nose all the way down into your lungs. Let the power of the crystal reach the crown chakra. People who connect to the crown chakra will feel an overwhelming feeling and a deep spiritual connection to the universe and the natural world. It is not always easy to connect to the crown chakra and many people will combine it with other healing stones.

How to stop your selenite crystal from turning yellow

One of the main factors that your white selenite is turning yellow is long exposure to the sun. We are not talking few days but months or years. Try not to keep your crystal by the window especially if it gets plenty of sunlight. 

Don't leave your crystal outside in the sun, try and keep the crystal somewhere dry and dark to stop the crystal fading from white to yellow. If you have selenite jewlery you should not worry about exposure to the sun and causing it to turn yellow it will not be left enough in direct sun to turn yellow.