How to tell if my selenite is real not fake

How to tell if my selenite is real not fake


Embarking on your crystal healing journey with a new selenite crystal can be an exciting yet perplexing experience. Distinguishing between genuine selenite and its crystal counterparts requires a discerning eye and knowledge of the distinctive features that set it apart. In this guide, we'll delve into the characteristics of selenite, explore potential imitations like satin spar, and provide practical tests to determine the authenticity of your crystal.

Identifying Genuine Selenite:

Translucent and Colorless: Genuine selenite boasts a translucent quality with a lack of color, offering a pristine, glass-like appearance. Occasionally, trapped minerals may create hues, usually dust or dirt, but authentic selenite remains primarily colorless.

Fragility and Surface Features: Handle your crystal with care as selenite is fragile and has a glassy surface. Its fibrous texture adds to its delicate nature, emphasizing the need for cautious handling. When scrutinizing your crystal, you may notice a fibrous surface, contributing to its distinctive appearance.

Satin Spar vs. Selenite:

Satin Spar Characteristics: Often misconstrued as "fake selenite," satin spar shares many properties with its counterpart. Both crystals connect to the crown and third eye chakras, assisting in spiritual pursuits. Satin spar, however, tends to have a cloudier white color, distinguishing it from the clear translucence of selenite.

Charging and Cleansing Properties:

High Vibration: Authentic selenite, along with satin spar, boasts a high vibration, making them valuable tools for charging and cleansing other healing stones. Their ability to withdraw negative energy from the body, mind, or surrounding space adds to their allure in the crystal healing world.

Orange Selenite Distinctions: Mistaken Identities: Orange selenite, with its unique peachy hue, may be mistaken for other crystals like carnelian, calcite, or orange moonstone. Despite its slightly translucent nature, this soft crystal stands out for its exceptional vibrational strength, connecting with multiple chakras.

Therapeutic Applications: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, orange selenite is revered for its ability to release negative energy, fostering peace, calmness, and reducing anxiety and stress levels. Its delicate composition belies its potent impact in the realm of crystal healing.

Testing the Authenticity: Surface Scratch Test: A simple yet effective method involves scratching the crystal's surface with your fingernail. Selenite's softness allows for a noticeable scratch, distinguishing it from harder crystals like quartz or agate.

Water Dissolvability Test: Authentic selenite reacts poorly to water. A brief immersion test can be conducted to assess its reaction. If your crystal exhibits signs of dissolution or surface changes, it may indicate authenticity.

Meditation Connection: Engage in a meditation session with your selenite to connect with your crown and third eye chakras. If you struggle to establish a connection, it may prompt further scrutiny of its authenticity.

Charging Other Stones: Authentic selenite should effectively charge and cleanse other healing stones. If your crystals fail to exhibit enhanced energy after being in the presence of selenite, it could be an additional indicator of potential imitation.

Conclusion: As you navigate the realm of selenite crystals, armed with knowledge and these practical tests, you can confidently discern whether your crystal is a genuine source of healing energy or a well-crafted imitation. Embrace the enchanting world of selenite, appreciating its delicate beauty and profound therapeutic properties.