Is Selenite good for sleep?

Is Selenite good for sleep?

Many people will feel peace and calmness in the presence of a selenite crystal, it helps release any negative energy that might be stuck within. It would make complete sense to have it in their bedroom to help with sleeping as it helps reduce stress levels and anxiety. The most effective way to use a selenite in your bedroom before sleeping with relaxing vibes would be using a selenite lamp. The lamp is the perfect night light it is not too bright and the soft gentle glow will help anyone feel relaxed. The lamps are made in many sizes, might be a better option to have a smaller selenite lamp as a bedside night light lamp. Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals of all People believe that it will create a protective barrier around us while we sleep. 

Another good option to bring selenite into your bedroom and help you with sleep is to add a beautiful selenite tower. They not only add protection from negative energy while you sleep but they look stunning as an ornamental feature.

Sleeping with selenite under the pillow

What would be the main reason for someone to sleep with a selenite crystal under their pillow? People believe that this crystal can offer protection from unwanted spirits during night-time, the crystal has a high vibration and is commonly used for clearing and cleansing negative energy. Some people fear evil or negative energy during night-time when we are at our most vulnerable while we are sleeping. To deter this negative energy people will often have a selenite wand or chunk under their pillow. This practice has been commonly used for thousands of years as ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians believed that spirits would visit them during night-time, they would leave the crystal in their bedroom for protection.

Many people would use a selenite palm stone under their pillow as it is not too big and has a comfortable shape to it. Another good option is to use a tumbled selenite stone or a small selenite wand. Ideally, you will need a selenite sculpture that is not too big to go under the pillow.

 Sleeping with selenite to stop nightmares

 Many people who have nightmares and are crystal healers believers will use selenite to reduce or stop their bad dreams. Some people have reported that simply having selenite in the bedroom during the night times has reduced their nightmares. 

People feel a sense of protection in the presence of a selenite crystal, having these in your bedroom is good practice for those who believe in spirits. Some people believe that nightmares come from unwanted spirits that come to visit us during night-time. if you believe in spirits having a selenite under your pillow would be good practice.

Helps sleep faster

Having these selenites in your presence before going to sleep will help you to go to sleep faster. It is often used for meditation to bring peace and calmness into the mind. It makes total sense to have this beautiful crystal under your pillow or by your bedside. As it also brings a feeling of protection it will help ease any stress or anxiety. 

Not only it will help you sleep faster but it will also help you get a better night's sleep. People who sleep in the presence of a selenite crystal by their bedside will often have liquid dreams and sleep a few hours longer than they would usually do.

Eases physical pain

One of the main reasons someone would purchase a selenite crystal as it helps align skeletal structure. It is also believed that it can help with pain People who might suffer from back pain will have this powerful crystal under their pillow.  As it is believed that the crystal helps relieve any negative energy from within such as pain or bad energy.