Is selenite Toxic?

Is selenite Toxic?

Selenite itself is not toxic at all and it is one of the safest crystals to handle. If you are cutting or breaking selenite be sure to clean it away avoid inhaling any of the particles and make sure that it does not go in your eyes. Many people wear selenite jewelry every day and it is safe to do so as it is made of crystalized salt with is non-toxic material. 

Most crystal healers will handle selenite on a daily basis with no reaction at all, in fact, selenite is salt, and salt is often used to help cleanse the skin. People have touched and handled selenite for thousands of years and people even used the crystal in their homes to deter any negative energy so there is no need to worry about selenite being toxic. 

Sodium selenite is toxic

Many people get confused with selenite and sodium selenite, both are completely different. Sodium selenite is toxic in high concentrations and extreme caution is required while handling the material. 

Here are some of the dangers with sodium selenite:

  • Contact can cause extreme burning and even damage to the eyes.
  • Breathing in sodium selenite can irritate the lungs and the nose, always wear a mask while handling.¬†
  • High¬†concentrations can cause headaches, fainting, light-headedness, and vomiting.¬†
  • There is also¬†research that it can cause damage to the liver and kidneys.
  • Long exposure to sodium selenite can cause damage to blood cells.¬†
  • Exposure¬†usually occurs while breathed in and through the skin.

These are only a few dangers and toxicity of sodium selenite and would raise the question of any crystal healer if their selenite is safe to handle.

Is selenite toxic when wet?

Selenite is a soft crystal and has a hardness of 2 Mohs, which is very soft crystal and will dissolve away in water if exposed for too long. No need to worry as most people will wear their selenite jewelry in the shower and in the rain nothing will happen. 

People have been wearing the crystal for protection for thousands of years. They use it as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Most people will not take them off when going to the shower or outside in the rain.

 Is selenite toxic to cats or dogs?

You have decided to purchase a beautiful selenite crystal for your crystal healing collection. You might wonder if it is toxic for your cat or a dog. Especially if you have left them alone for up to no good. Just the same for humans, selenite is not toxic for cats and dogs, however, it is not recommended for digestion. If you worry that your dog or cat might take a bite out of your selenite wand while away might be worth keeping it somewhere secure.

Is selenite dust toxic?

Selenite dust is not toxic, but it is not recommended to breathe in the particles. If you are handling selenite for example making sculptures or wands you should always use a mask. If you are worried about a small particle coming off your selenite, if your selenite broke for example no need to worry. If you feel that you have breathed in a large amount of selenite dust and you don't feel well you should consult your doctor straight away.