Peach selenite vs white selenite

Peach selenite vs white selenite

Both of these crystals a gypsum crystal that was formed millions of years ago, both crystal is considered very powerful crystal in the crystal healing world. They are created in an almost identical way to each other which is a natural process of the formation of crystallized salt. Both crystals have the exact same metaphysical properties as each other however the only difference is the colour. White selenite has a translucence colorless colour, or if it is satin spar selenite it will have a more colourless cloudy look to it. A peach selenite has a completely different colour it has an orange to dark red, and it could be easily mistaken for a different crystal. The orange colour of selenite is influenced by the presence of iron nearby which influence the change of colour. Both crystals are very powerful crystal and both are used during meditation for protection and deflecting any negative energy.


Both metaphysical properties of these crystals is that both crystal is extremely soft and extra care is required while handling the crystals. They are so soft they can be scratched with a fingernail. Both crystals don’t react well with water, long exposures to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away.


Both are used for meditation


Both of these crystals are often used during meditation to help clear and cleanse the mind. Both crystals are used to help to connect to their chakras. However while the white selenite helps connect to the crown chakra peach selenite helps connect to the sacral chakra, crown chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakra.


Connecting to the crown chakra can help connect with your spiritual guides your spiritual self and connect with the divine creator. Once connected to the crown chakra it can help clear and cleanse your mind from unwanted thoughts.


The sacral chakra is connected to your feelings and emotions and the way you feel about other people. Using peach selenite can help unblock any negative feelings that you might feel about yourself and others. Connecting to the sacral chakra can help promote forgiveness to others and for yourself.


Not only does peach selenite connect to the sacral chakra but it also connects to the solar plexus chakra which can help cleanse all of your other chakras using this chakra during meditation can help boost your self-esteem.


A peach selenite has the power to connect to the heart chakra which has the power to pull on love. Unblocking this chakra from negative energy will help the flow of love.


Both are used by crystal healers


Any crystal healer will have either peach selenite or white selenite in their crystal healing collection. The reason for this is that both crystals have a high frequency which can be used to cleanse and charge other healing crystals. Not only they can charge and cleanse the crystals but they can also transfer powers between crystals.


Most crystal healers will place their selenite at the centre of their crystal healing collection and leave their crystals surrounding their crystal this will allow selenite to work it powers in charging


Crafted into beautiful sculptures


As both of these crystals are made of soft material they can be easily crafted into jewlery and sculptures. They are beautiful crystals and have a beautiful glow to them once exposed to natural sunlight.


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Which one to buy?


For a crystal healer white selenite is probably the most popular option as it is a much more common crystal among the crystal healer community.  An orange selenite is a more powerful crystal that is used for meditation as it helps connect to 3 more chakras. Both crystals are beautiful and would be stunning in any home but if you can't decide between them, decide what will be the crystal purpose. If it is for crystal healing and releasing trapped energy or cleansing the mind be sure to use the white selenite. If you practice meditation and wish to connect to 4 chakras you should go for the peach selenite.