selenite and carnelian combination

selenite and carnelian combination


Both of these crystals look very different from each other, however, both crystals look beautiful. Worthy enough to be crafted into beautiful jewellery for thousands of years. Both can be easily shaped and crafted. Selenite's are often found in caves underground, where you will find one of the largest crystals in the world. While you will often find carnelian in rivers or by the sea. The colours are completely different from one and another. Carnelian crystal has more of a reddish-orange colour compared to the white translucence color to selenite. Both crystals can be found in abundance all around the world.


Both of the crystals are completely different metaphysically, carnelian is the much harder crystal compared with selenite. There are many associated health benefits to using Carnelian as a healing crystal. It is believed that the crystal helps with fertility, helps with lower back problems, arthritis depression, and much more. It is also believed that it can help the healing of bones and improve kidney functions. People simply meditate with the crystal or they it made into sculptures in their homes.


Many people use the carnelian crystal to boost self-esteem and creativity and help overcome insomnia. There are many associated health benefits using carnelian and it is a sought-after crystal in the crystal healing world.


Using both crystals together during meditation


Connecting carnelian and selenite is usually the purpose of connecting to the sacral chakra. However white selenite only connects to the crown chakra. Peach selenite is often used to combine with carnelian, as both of the crystals are often used to connect to the sacral chakra. Both of these crystals look stunning and are very powerful crystals in the crystal healing world.


The sacral chakra can be connected through a deep meditation by simply holding both crystals in the palm of their hands. Simply hold the crystals in each hand and let the energy from the crystals flow through your body. It is best to use palm stones while meditating as they are not too heavy to hold, and they have a smooth and polished surface making them comfortable to hold.


The sacral chakra is responsible for our sexuality, emotions, feelings, pleasure, and expressions. The sacral chakra is the 2nd chakra in our body. Some people believe that this chakra can get blocked and often healing crystals are used to unblock and cleanse. Many people believe that the crystal can absorb or unblock any negative energy that exists within the chakra.


People will often use selenite on its own to connect to the crown chakra. However, sometimes the power from the crystal will not be enough on its own to unblock any blockages. Selenite is often used with other crystals as it helps enhance the power of the crystal. Combining both of these crystals gives a much more of a chance of having a better connection with the sacral chakra.


Wearing both crystals together as jewelry


Many people firmly believe in the power of these healing crystals and the simplest way to reap the benefits of these crystals has to offer is to wear the crystal on your wrist as a bracelet. People believe that simply wearing these crystals together can help boost motivation and help you keep focused on your life goals.


People from the olden times firmly believed in the powers of these crystals, they would craft beautiful pendants and wear them around their necks as they believed that they offered protection and luck. Both orange selenite and carnelian are very different crystals but they work very well in connecting with the sacral chakra.


Combining both crystals to improve sleep


Both of these crystals are often used to help with sleep as both crystals can help the person to be more relaxed during night time. But combining both crystals can enhance their powers even further. People will either wear the crystals as jewelry before going to bed, or they will have the crystals under their pillow.


Many people believe that these crystals reduce the chance of having nightmares, or help reduce anxiety which is one of the main reasons someone might not be able to sleep.