Selenite and rose quartz together

Selenite and rose quartz together

While selenite is often used to help cleanse the mind and body of negative energy, rose quartz is used to help open the heart for love and friendship.  Both of these crystals are considered very powerful crystal in the crystal healing world. They are very sought after and would make a wonderful addition to any crystal healing collector's collection.

Rose quartz is a very calming stone and it is often made into beautiful jewelry, the crystal is believed to be a calming and reassuring stone as it can help a person with grieving or when times are very difficult. In the presence of this crystal, people feel more relaxed and calm. Both of these crystals are very common crystals and can be found in abundance all over the world, they are very inexpensive crystals to purchase yet they are very beautiful.

Both of these crystals are slightly similar but can be easily distinguished from each other. Rose quartz has a pinkish colour to it and is not fully translucent while selenite has no colour and is translucent. Rose quartz is a much harder crystal than selenite. However extra care is required to help increase the longevity of the crystal.

Some people believe that the pink crystal can help restore negative and unbalances in people's relationships. It helps bridge unconditional love between two people. It can help broken relationships or it can be used for forgiveness. 

Some also believe that rose quartz has many healing properties which can help with fertility, reduce high blood pressure, aid with lung problems, and much more. Please not if you have any medical underlying health problems always consult your doctor.

Using both stones to connect your chakras

 Rose quartz is a very powerful crystal and people will use the crystal to connect to their heart chakra. While selenite helps connect to the crown and the third eye chakra. Both crystals can be combined together to increase the likelihood of connecting. Selenite is a powerful crystal that can enhance the powers of other crystals. Meditating while holding both crystals in each hand can increase the likelihood of connecting.

Not only selenite can help enhance the power of the rose quartz crystal it can also help cleanse and charge the crystal by simply being close to each other. Sometimes negative energies can get trapped within the crystal. 

To connect to your chakras find a comfortable peaceful place to practice your meditation. You can use some selenite candles to bring a more relaxing atmosphere to your space. Use a comfortable pillow to sit on and meditate. Concentrate on your breathing hold the crystals in each hand and let the flow of energy from the crystals flow through your body. Let the energy of the crystal reach your heart chakra. Here is where you can find love and have a better understanding of issues you have had with other people. People might seek to connect to the heart chakra in search of forgiveness for themselves or to forgive others. It can be very emotional connecting to the heart chakra as it can lift all sorts of emotions. It is not always easy to connect using selenite is the perfect way of increasing the likelihood of connecting.

If you decide to purchase these crystals try and purchase them in the form of palm stones or a small sphere. They need to be polished and comfortable during meditation.

Wearing them as jewelry

Many people who practice yoga or meditation will wear rose quartz and selenite in the form of jewelry. It is the perfect way of reaping the health benefits that both of these crystals have to offer. They can be worn combined as beautiful necklaces or earrings, bracelets, or rings. 

Wearing these crystals can be the perfect way help to reduce the anxiety and the stresses of life. If you feel that you are in a stressful situation and can't control your emotions simply meditate while holding these crystals. It helps us to be more relaxed and focused on our presence.

Combining pink and white is a beautiful match and the colours balance perfectly with one another. Rose quartz on its own is a beautiful powerful healing crystal that helps connect to the heart chakra, and combining it with a selenite makes enhances the power of this crystal to the next level. Anyone who wishes to feel compassion and love should wear these crystals. Or someone who is truly looking for forgiveness should carry these crystals.