Selenite bracelet, necklace and jewellery benefits

Selenite bracelet, necklace and jewellery benefits

The use of selenite has gone back centuries, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used to wear these beautiful crystals as bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry. The crystal is very soft and can be found in abundance once a pocket has been found. It can be found in abundance and the soft material can be easily turned into beautiful jewellery. The crystal is usually cloudy white color or sometimes it can be peach in color if it has been exposed to iron stone. These bracelets are often made into small beads and the results are truly stunning they almost look like little moons which have a beautiful soft glow once exposed to sunlight. People will often wear selenite jewelry to help feel connected to the natural world and help overcome any obstructions they might have within. People who often believe in crystal healing will wear selenite jewelry as they believe it can help protect them from negative energy. 

People who practice meditation will often wear this beautiful jewelry, many people will practice their meditation in places of beauty. Instead of carrying a selenite wand for example to this place, might be easier to use a selenite bracelet. The reason that people use this beautiful crystal as it helps them connect to the crown chakra which helps them connect to the spirit world.

Benefits of using a selenite bracelet

 There are many benefits of wearing a selenite bracelet, the most obvious one is that it looks stunning. It is hard not to notice someone wearing this beautiful crystal as it has a beautiful glow that will catch one's eye. People will often wear these bracelets after going through a breakup, it is believed that selenite has a high vibration which can help pull out any negative energy. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing a selenite bracelet would keep evil spirits at bay, so they made these beautiful selenite bracelets to offer protection from unwanted spirits, especially during night time. 

Having this selenite bracelet around your wrist all the time is not a bad idea. Many people believe that wearing these bracelets would reduce anxiety and stress levels. Many people will wear these bracelets if they know they are going to be in a stressful situation for example in a business meeting as it is believed that it helps boost strength and willpower. 

Walking around with these selenite bracelets will often give someone a greater sense of confidence. Knowing that they carry this crystal around with them gives them a connection with other crystal healers and it will also deter any negative energy that might come their way. 

 The benefit of using a selenite necklace

A selenite necklace will bring good energy into your life it almost feels like you are wearing a protective barrier around you. Selenite is a beautiful crystal and a very powerful one. Carrying it around your neck can offer protection from negative energy external and internal. Among crystal healers, selenite is the most prized and powerful crystal out of them all wearing it around your neck makes it a convenient way of carrying such power around with you. 

Your selenite necklace will never need to be charged or cleansed as long it is visible to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cleanse and charge your crystal giving it eternal power of healing. 

These necklaces are usually white in color and have usually a natural raw selenite look. However, it is also possible to get these beautiful crystals in peach or orange color. These also look just as beautiful. People will often use a selenite crystal for guidance in difficult times in their lives, it is believed that selenite can help connect your mind to higher powers.

Some people also believe that the necklace can help with spiritual healing it is believed that it can help with trauma, and people find it helps reduce panic attacks. People will also use the crystal to increase mental focus, some people also believe that the crystal can help heal the body with digestion issues. Some others will use it for fertility issues. Not only do these necklaces look stunning they also have many associated health benefits wearing selenite.