Selenite crystal meaning

Selenite crystal meaning

Selenite is a type of gypsum crystal that was formed millions of years ago from crystalized salt. It is a prized crystal among crystal collectors because it has the ability to cleanse and charge other healing stones. 

A selenite is a must-have crystal for anyone who is a spiritual practitioner, it can help ease and calm the mind to reach higher realms.

There are many different types of selenite but the word selenite was named after J.G Wallerius who discovered the crystal in 1747. The crystal was named after the moon Selene which is the Greek goddess of the moon and it is clear why he named this beautiful crystal after the moon itself. The crystal has a soft white gentle glow, our selenite plates almost look like the moon itself. When natural light travels through the crystal it almost has an otherworldly feel to the crystal. Holding the crystal in your hand, you can feel a connection or similarities with the moon itself. 


The meaning of the word selenite is the rock of the moon, these beautiful crystals exist in abundance all over the world. A cave in 2000 was discovered to be full of selenite crystals some as big as 1 meter in diameter and 15 meters in length. A person can easily relate this cave to something you would find beneath the moon's surface. 

 The Romans used this beautiful crystal as glass panes before the existence of glass panels. The crystal can be easily split into thin panes. 

Who is Selene?

During ancient Greek times, the word Selene came from a figure of the goddess that represents the moon. There are ancient drawings and sculptures of her riding a chariot across the heavens themselves. People would worship her and make offerings during full moon times. 

Selene was the daughter of the Titans and Hyperion. She was the sister of the sun god Thea. In ancient times natural phenomena were an important part of their worship Selene and Thea were some of the main gods that they worshipped.

Up to this day, many people will use healing crystals such as moonstone or selenite and firmly hold them in their hands asking Selene for blessing in their life and romance.

Selene is described as a caring person who shines a glimmer of hope into our lives during the darkest of times. A full moon in the night sky is a reminder that she looks over us. 

Where does selenite come from?

Selenite can be found in most places around the world, it is a common crystal. Its formation is usually found in sedimentary rocks such as clay or limestone, however, there have been instances where the crystal has been found in igneous rocks. When selenite is found it is usually white in color however depending on its surrounding minerals, for example, the color of selenite can be manipulated in contact with iron stone and can change its color to peach or orange. When a pocket of selenite is discovered it is usually found in abundance.


This beautiful crystal can be found in most places around the world, but the most common exporters of selenite are Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Poland, and Greece. Selenite can be found in pockets of caves and these crystals can be enormous in size.

Selenite is known as a type of gypsum crystal it is usually commercially mined, but the selenite crystal is mined for decorative purposes. The soft crystal makes it easy to craft sculptures and jewelry. 

The formation of Selenite usually grows in large long wands, they can form in other small balls known as desert roses. Both are made of the same minerals but look completely different. The desert rose is commonly found in Tunisia and provides an income for the local people, these desert roses are often found on a dried lake known as chott el Djerid.