Selenite Vs Quartz

Selenite Vs Quartz

Both of these crystals are very sought after in the crystal world. Both look similar in color beautiful white crystal. They are both used during meditation to connect the crown chakra to the spirit world. Sometimes one could get confused between both crystals due to their similarities, however, once you know the difference they are very easy to spot. 

Quartz is a clear transparent crystal and often has a more natural pointy shape while selenite is cloudy on the inside and sometimes with a streak of Orange color. Selenite is a very soft crystal that can shatter or break very easily, while quartz is a very hard crystal that does not break very easily. Both of these crystals look stunning and would make a stunning ornamental feature in any home. 

Both of these crystals are found in abundance around the world and is quite cheap crystal to purchase. You will probably find different sculptures made from selenite as it is made of soft material and can be easily sculptured using traditional hand tools.

Similarities as a healing crystal

Despite selenite and quartz have different physical properties and appearances. Both of these crystals have similarities in what they are used for in the crystal healing world. 

  • Both are used to connect the crown chakra, to connect to the spirit world.
  • It is believed that both of these crystals can help with skeletal alignment.
  • They help reduce stress levels and promote calmness.¬†
  • Both crystals are often used after a¬†breakup to get over a broken heart.
  • Often used during meditation to promote peace and calmness.
  • They both look stunning and¬†have a beautiful white glow once exposed to sunlight.
  • Both crystals can be charged and cleansed by leaving them in sunlight or¬†moonlight.
  • Both of these crystals invite in¬†metal energy.

Even though both of these crystals have similarities in the crystal healing world here are some of their healing properties differences.

  • Selenite only connects to the crown chakra while quartz connects to all of the chakras.¬†
  • While selenite is used to charge and cleanse other healing stones quartz is used to amplify the abilities of other crystals.
  • Selenite crystal is often used to release trapped energy, while clear quartz is often used to improve clarity and emotional stability.¬†
  • Both the vibration and frequency are different for both of these crystals.

What they are mostly used for

Quartz is a very important crystal for refining into silicon which is critical for new technologies. The crystal also is very important in the construction world for making glass, mortar, and quartz. Quartz is often used for making countertops for kitchens and they look beautiful. You can even find quartz inside your radio, inside your watch, and in paint. You can find quartz hidden away in many of the many things that we use day to day. 

The crystal itself selenite is mainly used for crystal healing purposes Sodium selenite which is powdered selenite often pink in color is also used in the glass-making process. Its purpose is to purify the glass the pink color counteracts with the green to make the color of the glass white and transparent.

 Which one should you purchase?

Depends on the purpose of your purchase if you are a beginner in the crystal world and you are looking for an all-rounder crystal your probably best bet going for clear quartz as it helps connect with all of your chakras. It also has similarities with some health purposes as selenite. Clear quartz crystal is considered one of the most powerful crystals. 

A selenite would be suitable for someone who has a large collection of healing crystals. Selenite is often used to cleanse and charge other healing crystals, something you must consider if you use healing crystals often. It is recommended that all crystals are charged and cleansed if you just purchased or found a new healing stone. Selenite can also cleanse your body of any negative energy. 

Both crystal are very sought after in the healing crystal world, both has similarities. I would agree that both of these crystals should be in any crystal healer collector they are stunning.