Selenite Vs moonstone

Selenite Vs moonstone

Selenite and a moonstone can often get mixed up between the two. Selenite is often referred to as the crystal of the moon and was named after the goddess of the moon Selene, from the Greek mythology era. Crystal healers will often use the crystal to cleanse and charge under direct moonlight. While moonstone is named after the moon due to its similarities in physical characteristics. The moonstone was also named after the goddess of the moon Diana, who was also the moon goddess from the Roman era. It is quite easy to see why the Romans named this beautiful crystal after the moon, it has very similar characteristics to the moon itself. The Moonstone is often referred to as a romantic stone, if both people wore the stone on a full moon both would fall in love. This was believed in India and throughout Europe.

Even though both crystals are referred to as the crystals of the moon, both are completely different crystals. Selenite is quite a common crystal that can be found in abundance around the world while a moonstone is a much rare crystal. The moonstone crystal is a more expensive crystal but is often used in jewelry. In fact, selenite is one of the biggest crystals to be found, while a moonstone tends to have smaller pockets.

Both of these beautiful crystals are often used during night-time to help with sleep, selenite is often used to give a sense of protection from unwanted negative energy. While a moonstone is used to help promote good dreams, would be a good idea to have both of these crystals in your bedroom if you struggle with a good night's sleep.

Both are used for meditation

Selenite and moonstones are both crystals commonly used during meditation as both crystals have a very calming effect that helps relaxation and helps the meditator fall into a deep trance. Moonstones are often used to connect to the crown, heart, and third eye chakra. While selenite only helps the meditator connect to the crown chakra, the crown chakra is often used to connect to the spirit world. Both of these crystals are powerful crystals that can help cleanse the body and the mind. Both of these crystals should be in the collection of every meditator.

Moonstones are used during meditation in the form of jewelry as they will be in direct contact with the skin while meditating. With selenite, it is often used as a selenite stick, or a selenite wand during meditation, a meditator simply holds the crystal in their hand and lets their energy flow through the crystal. 

 Both crystals are fragile and soft

Selenite has a hardness of 2.0 while a moonstone has a hardness of 6.5. This means both crystals are very fragile and can easily break, extra caution is required while handling the crystals. Moonstones can easily get scratched and chipped and that is often kept secured in jewellery. Selenite is a much softer crystal that can even dissolve in water and be scratched with a fingernail. 

 Difference in appearance

The most common colour moonstones are found in is colorless white with hints of blue and silver. Moonstones can also vary widely in colour from green, yellow, brown, or even black. The most prized colour of the moonstone would be colorless, and the crystal looks stunning. Most of the time this crystal is translucent and can be seen throughout.

While selenite can only be found in white or orange color. Selenite is also translucent. There have been reports that in rare cases selenite can be found in green and blue colour. 

Made into different products.

Moonstones are often used in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Selenite is most commonly sculptured into selenite wands, towers, and lamps. Even though both crystals are used in the crystal healing world, selenite is used to extract negative energy that might exist within the body. While moonstones are often used for good dreams and romance.

Charging and cleansing

 For any crystal collector, both crystal is very sought after in the crystal healing world. Both crystals are very powerful and should be the center of attention of any crystal collection. Overusing these crystals will require them to be cleansed and charged. Selenite is often left in sunlight to be charged, while a moonstone is required to be left in running water to be cleansed. However, both of these healing crystals can be left under the moonlight to be fully charged, just simply leave the crystals under direct moonlight for a few hours.