Ulexite vs selenite

Ulexite vs selenite

Both of the crystals look very similar to each other and it is often mistaken for one and another due to their metaphysical properties. The surface of ulexite is similar to selenite both have a fibrous surface and a cloud white colour to the crystal. Ulexite has a more of a greyish undertone colour and it carries light much better than selenite. Both of these crystals are collected by amateur collectors. Ulexite is sometimes known as TV rock, or a television stone, because of its unusual optical characteristics and the way that light travels through the crystal similar to the screen of a television. Especially when the surface of the crystal has been shaped and polished.

Both of these crystals are very fragile, Selenite has a hardness of 2-2.5 Mohs while ulexite has a hardness of 1.5 Mohs. This means they can easily get damaged extra caution is required while storing and handling the crystal. Ulexite and selenite both don't react very well to water. Long exposure to water can cause the crystals to dissolve. Keep these crystals out of the sun for long durations, long exposure can also cause damage to the crystals. If possible try and store the crystals in a dark soft cloth bag in a dry dark place to increase the longevity of the crystal.

Both of these crystals are used during meditation to connect to their chakras. Selenite connects to 2 chakras the crown and the third eye chakra. While Ulexite only connects to the third eye chakra. Selenites are often used to release any negative energy or blockages that we might have within our chakras.

Their healing properties

It is believed that ulexite can help with improving and healing your physical vision. Some believe it can help improve your eyesight and make them stronger especially if you have eye fatigue or double vision. You can achieve its health benefits by simply meditating while holding the crystal in your hand. 

Selenite is believed to help with a boost of energy and clear any negative energy within the mind. It also helps improve the skeletal structure and align the spine, some people believe it can help heal bones quicker. The crystal is also used to cleanse the mind and deter any negative energy. The crystal is also used to unblock all of your chakras, this can sometimes happen if you have gone through trauma. The crystal can also be used to cleanse and charge other crystals. Selenite is one of the most popular crystals to be used in the crystal healing world. 

Combining both crystals during meditation

Connecting to the third eye chakra can be difficult and may not always work. Since both Selenite and ulexite can connect to the third eye chakra combining both crystals with each other makes it much more likely for the person to connect. Selenite is often used to enhance the power of other healing crystals. The third eye chakra is believed to be located between our two eyebrows and once connected you will experience a wonderful connection to the world around us and the universe. 

 Simply meditate slowly inhale and exhale in through the nose and out through the mouth. Hold both crystals in each hand. Feel the energy of the crystals flow into your lungs, then feel the energy connect to your third eye chakra. Try and meditate somewhere that you feel safe and in a comfortable environment. Connecting to the third eye chakra can be an overwhelming experience.

Once connected to the third eye chakra it will lead to a profound spiritual connection and a better understanding of the universe.

Connecting to the third eye chakra is a common practice in Hinduism. Many people believe that once you connect to this chakra it can help with your mental health and reduce anxiety levels.

 Which one is the best?

Both crystals almost look exactly the same, however, selenite connects to one extra chakra. Both crystals are a very powerful crystal but physically they can easily break. Selenite is slightly harder and stronger. 

Selenite is more commonly used and it can be found in abundance. Ulexite is a much more fragile crystal than selenite. If you had to go with one crystal we would choose a selenite as they are beautifully crafted into beautiful sculptures and jewelry. Selenite crystal is more likely to last much longer than ulexite.