Using selenite and amethyst together

Using selenite and amethyst together


Selenite is considered one of the most powerful crystals of them all and it has a high vibration that can cleanse and charge other crystals. However, it can also be combined with other crystals to enhance their healing properties. Selenite and amethyst are the perfect combo for cleansing and clearing the mind.

Amethyst is a healing stone and it is a very powerful crystal that can help cleanse the mind and the body. The crystal is often used during meditations, people often associate amethyst with peace and clarity and people have reported that the crystal helps reduce anxiety. Using selenite and amethyst together helps connect with the crown chakra. People believe that connecting to the crown chakra helps with connecting with your spirit guardians you feel that you have a deep connection with the universe. People who connect feel a sense of protection of understanding of the universe that we live in, people often feel more connected to nature. Selenite is often used with other healing crystals as it has the power to enhance the capabilities of other healing stones.


Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that should be in every crystal healer's collection. It has a beautiful purple color. It is often made into jewelry. Same as the selenite crystal.


How to use Amethyst and selenite during meditation


Both of these crystals are a popular combo during meditation as selenite and amethyst are often used to connect to the crown chakra. Simply hold one crystal in each hand and let the energy from the crystals flow through your body. Any negative energy that might exist within the mind should flow out of your body into the crystal. These crystals are perfect for cleansing the mind and soul.


Sometimes meditating with an amethyst crystal on its own is not enough to connect to the crown chakra. Using both crystals as a combo these crystals is the perfect way to increase your chances of connecting to the crown chakra in the hope of connecting to the spirit world. Using both crystals helps release negative energy from our minds or bodies.


If you recently purchased the crystals it is recommended that the crystal is charged and cleansed, most people will do this with a smudge stick. They simply burn the smudge stick and simply pass the crystals through the smoke. It almost feels like a ritual before any meditation session.


The best way to practice this meditation is to buy the crystal in sphere formation it makes it very comfortable to hold in your hands.


Healing properties of selenite and amethyst


Using both of these crystals together is said to improve the quality of life, it helps clear any negative energy that might exist within. People often use selenite to cleanse their aurora and release any trapped energy that might exist within their bodies. Amethyst is often used to find inner peace and lower your stress levels.


Using both of these crystals together not only cleanses the mind and the soul but it also helps find inner balance and inner peace. In order for you to succeed in life staying positive and strong is of uttermost importance to find your inner balance.


The easiest way to combine both of these crystals together is to wear them as jwelery. You could wear a selenite necklace combined with an amethyst bracelet or vice versa. You could also purchase a necklace pendant where both crystals are combined already within the same pendant. Some people believe that using both of these crystals completes one another.


They are often found together or close by


Strangely enough, even though both of these crystals have similar healing properties they are often found close to each other. Selenite is often found in amethyst caves, however, the metaphysical properties are very different, amethyst is a type of quartz while selenite is a gypsum crystal which is crystallized salt. Amethyst has a beautiful purple colour that is very recognisable in the crystal world while selenite is more of a white translucence colour and is often mistaken for other healing stones. Amethyst has a very hard outer surface while selenite is a very soft crystal.


Both of these crystals would be an amazing addition to any crystal collector or someone who regularly practices meditation. Using these crystals together enhances and improves the chances of healing the body and connecting to the spirit world.