What is blue selenite?

What is blue selenite?

Blue selenite is a rare colour formation of selenite that is not often found, the crystal is very soft and does not react well to water. The crystal has a hardness of 2.5 Mohs which means it can easily break. You will often find selenite in white colour or orange colour, however, sometimes the colour can change to green or blue, or even yellow if it is left in the sun for long periods.

Some merchants will dye their crystals blue, pink, or gold to give them a more unique look in the hopes of making their crystals stand out more and try and make them look more unique and attractive. These can be easily spotted as they don't look natural.

When the crystal changes colour it is usually influenced by other factors such as minerals that are close by, for example, green selenite and orange selenite are influenced by metals that are close to the crystal that changes colour of the crystal.

Nature elements can also take part in changing the colour of the crystal. For example, yellow selenite is often the result of the crystal being exposed too long to natural sunlight. It is believed what causes the crystal to turn blue is the minerals that sometimes exist within clay. The crystal is made through the evaporation of highly concentrated salt water, once all salt water is evaporated you will have beautiful soft crystals. In the presence of clay, some of the minerals within clay can get trapped when the crystal is slowly dried, the result is the selenite crystal changing colour from white to blue.

Not many crystal healing retailers have blue selenite in their collection, which is considered a rare crystal. Some retailers will sell beautiful necklaces and earrings made of crystal. People believe that wearing the crystal will offer protection from unwanted negative energy. Some also believe that the power of blue selenite is much greater than white selenite. Due to the rarity of the crystal, the price of the crystal is significantly more expensive.

The metaphysical properties of the blue crystal are the same as those of the white, both don't react well to water. It is recommended that the crystal is not worn while going swimming, as it could cause the crystal to dissolve. You should not worry if there is some exposure to the crystal with rain.

Many people will sleep with a blue selenite necklace as it is believed that it helps deter negative energy helps reduce nightmares and encourages the chances of liquid dreaming. While others will keep the crystal under their pillow or underneath their beds.

Using blue selenite during meditation

 The crystal can also be used to connect to your crown chakra and the third eye chakra. You can simply meditate with this crystal while holding it in the palm of your hand while doing a meditation session. Simply concentrate on the power of the crystal while meditating. You may be able to feel the energy of the crystal draw up your arm from your hand. Many people who often meditate with this crystal will combine it with other healing stones to increase the chances of connecting to their chakras. Connecting to the chakras can be an overwhelming experience if you are a beginner be sure to be in the presence of an expert.

Like the white selenite crystal, this crystal also is believed to have a powerful high vibration that can help with the flow of energy between different crystals. Meditators often use this crystal during meditation as it helps enhance the power of other healing crystals.

The chakra that the crystal is often used to connect is the crown chakra. People who wish to connect to this chakra as it is believed it helps connect to the spirit world and helps with connection with our guardian angels. It is not possible to connect to the chakras all of the time, using these crystals during a meditation helps increase the chances of connecting. 

Not only blue selenite can help connect to your chakras it can also help cleanse and release any blockages. Blockages of the chakras can cause depression and other illnesses if not treated.