What is orange selenite good for and meaning

What is orange selenite good for and meaning

Orange selenite is a variation of the white selenite, both crystals are used for clearing and cleansing. Both of them are a very powerful crystal that offers protection and cleansing from negative energy. This beautiful crystal is often used to cleanse your aura and re-balance your chakra.

The orange crystal is a natural process. The orange color comes from hematite which is an iron oxide compound. The color can widely change from light peach to a much darker red colour depending on the number of impurities within the crystal. 


This beautiful orange crystal is less known in the crystal world, while the white selenite is often the most popular option that they choose from. The orange selenite crystal is a very soft crystal that can be easily crafted into different sculptures and jewelry. Orange selenite has also a very powerful vibration, you will feel its powers once you walk into the room. 

Orange selenite chakras 

The white selenite helps connect to the crown chakra which helps connect to higher realms and the spirit world. The orange selenite helps connect to the sacral chakra.

  • People will often feel a boost in confidence while holding the crystal, it helps release negative energy that you might¬†think of yourself.¬†
  • It can also bring out the creative side, people often feel a better sense of direction, or have new ideas about where they want to be or what¬†career change they might want.
  • Some people have reported while holding the orange¬†selenite¬†that they feel a boost in their sexuality, like¬†an ignited fire from within.
  • It also has been reported that this beautiful crystal promotes passion.

What is orange selenite used for?

This beautiful crystal is often used for a broken heart, it helps with emotional healing. Simply holding this crystal in your hand can promote peace and calmness. This crystal is often used after a breakup to help the individual move on, it is also used to help fix old wounds. 

Sometimes bad energy can get trapped within our bodies, a crystal healer will use this crystal often in the shape of a selenite wand to help draw out any trapped energy.

A orange selenite palm stone is perfect for carrying around with you in your pocket. People believe that the crystal offers protection from negative energy. People will use the crystal for stressful situations such as before an important meeting at work. 


At loveselenite we have stunning orange selenite bowls and orange selenite plates, these are used to recharge other healing stones. They look stunning and are often the most prized crystal out of all the crystal collectors. 

As this crystal is very soft this beautiful crystal has been used for thousands of years to make jewellery. It is believed that the crystal creates a protective bubble around the person who wears the crystal.  Wearing these orange selenite jewelry the wearer will often feel a sense of protection that surrounds them because selenite has a very high vibration.

Healing properties

It is believed that this powerful crystal can help people who are detoxing from any drug. The crystal is almost a companion that will help guide the way and offer protection from negative thoughts. This crystal is often used to help detox the body, you can simply do this through meditation by gently holding orange selenite in the palm of your hands and letting your energy flow through the crystal.

Some people believe that this crystal can help align the spine, a crystal healer will hold the selenite and move it up and down the body to help align the spine and remove any trapped energy. 


This Orange selenite is believed to help with anxiety and help soothe the nervous system. Many people who are a bit nervous will use this crystal to help them be more relaxed and calm. This is probably the main reason someone would purchase this beautiful orange selenite.

People who practice meditation will use this crystal to help enhance the clarity of the mind, having the crystal help connect to the chakras which enhances the meditation experience.

Some people might experience issues with hormonal imbalances within their bodies, it is believed that this powerful crystal can help re-balance the hormones within the body.


There are many reasons someone would purchase an orange selenite, not only for its beauty but for a deeper connection spiritually. There are many associated health benefits of using the crystal. If you are a crystal collector or practice meditation an Orange selenite would be a good purchase.