Why keep selenite by the front door?

Why keep selenite by the front door?


There are many reasons that someone would keep their selenite crystal by the front door, the selenite crystal is believed to have a powerful vibration that can absorb and deflect any negative energy. It is such a powerful crystal it is named after the goddess of the moon from Greek mythology and Roman mythology. The crystal resembles the moon and has an otherworldly feel to the crystal, it usually has a white transparent or cloudy colour to it, however, the presence of iron can change its colour to orange. Many people believe that the crystal offers protection from unwanted spirits and it provides comfort when we feeling down and low. The crystal has a meaningful purpose for meditation as it helps clear the mind and soul.


For many reasons, someone would keep a selenite crystal by the front door. The main reason which goes all the way back to the Egyptian period is that people believe that the crystal offers protection from spirits. They would keep a selenite tower or a selenite stick above the door or in the hallway. The powerful vibration from the crystal would block any negative energy that could possibly come into their homes.


It is also believed that sometimes in a toxic relationship, there is constant arguing. Negative energy can get trapped within their home leaving the crystal by the front door can help get rid of any negative energy that might be stuck within our homes.


Leaving the crystal by the front door is also a reminder that we all could be fragile on the outside like selenite but a firm reminder to be strong and powerful on the inside even when times are very difficult. Not only do people leave the crystal by the front door for protection from unwanted spirits they also use the crystal for good luck. It is such a positive crystal that it can bring comfort and joy into a person's life.


The crystal cannot only deflect negative energy from our homes but also absorb negative energy that might exist within our minds or bodies. Hanging the crystal by the front door is a perfect way to remove negative energy that might be attached to us before we enter our homes. For example, if you might have had a bad day at work you don’t want to carry that bad energy back into your home, hanging the crystal by the front door is the perfect method of reducing negative energy from coming into your home.


How to hang the crystal above the front door?


The simplest way to hang your crystal above the front door would be to use a selenite stick. You could simply use a small selenite stick and simply place it on the top of the door frame there should be enough space for a small selenite stick. If you decide to use a Larger crystal and there is not enough space on the door ledge you can simply tie the crystal to a piece of string and stick it to the wall above the door using tape, or blue tack, or hang it off a small nail.


If you want the crystal to look more attractive above the front door and you have purchased a beautiful selenite tower. You could build a small shelf above the front door where you could place your selenite tower, it will look much more beautiful than hanging a crystal stick above the front door.


We have a beautiful range of selenite towers that look beautiful once lit up. You could place the beautiful selenite lamp above the front door and it would be a stunning shining light in your dark hallway.


Ancient Egyptians used this beautiful crystal for protection from unwanted spirits. They did exactly the same they left selenite above the front door to stop evil spirits from entering their homes. They crafted this beautiful crystal into beautiful shapes and sculptures, the crystal is a very soft and gentle crystal making it an ideal material for crafting beautiful crystals.


Unless if you have a porch it is recommended to hang your crystal indoors away from the natural elements. Too much sun can cause the crystal to turn yellow. Exposure to water can cause the crystal to dissolve away. It is a very fragile crystal that requires extreme care while handling.


Many people don’t believe in the power of healing crystals and some others firmly believe in their powers and would not travel without them. However, for the skeptics these crystals have been used for thousands of years for protection and to deter negative energy by ancient people and it practices are still being used to this day.