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This gemstone selenite bracelet looks beautiful, it is white and transparent in colour it almost looks like glass. Once exposed to natural sunlight it has a beautiful glow. The crystal is considered a protection stone for its ability to absorb and deflect negative energy. The bracelet is made from pure selenite beads each one has been rounded and polished making the crystal very comfortable to wear. The crystal is made from the crystallization of salt, which is a process that takes millions of years from the continuous evaporation of saline water. Once all of the water has been evaporated these huge crystals are left behind. The crystal can be found in abundance all over the world and the crystal has been long used for making jewellery.

These gemstone selenite bracelets would make a stunning gift for a loved one as it is a protection crystal. Extra care is required while handling the crystals, selenite is made from the crystallization of salt and it belongs to the gypsum family of crystals. It has only got a hardness of 2.5 Mohs which means that the crystal is very soft. The crystal does not react well with water long exposure to water could cause the crystal to dissolve away. Going for a shower or walking in the rain will not cause the crystal to dissolve. In the crystal healing world selenite is a very powerful crystal for its ability to cleanse negative energy.


We aim to ship our selenite bracelet within 1 working day and the courier takes around 3 working days to deliver. We make sure that each parcel has been carefully packed to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination. 

 Colour  White
Dimensions Bead size 6mm
Material Pure selenite

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